Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ever since I have been together with Rob, I have learned to like baseball. Never before was I able to sit and watch this sport. I found it boring, only because I did not understand it. I am now one of the wives who will diligently sit and listen to the games on the XM Radio or watch it on tv or in person. Out of the three I love watching the game live in baseball stadium. I don't know what it is. I love the smell that the stadiums have, the obnoxious concession calls from the stands, the smell of the popcorn, the $10 beers, and the little kids experiencing their first live game. There is just nothing like it. It is great when my team is winning, but yet I still support them when they are the bottom team in the league. I never thought I would be a person who would have knots in my stomach when the game is tied, bases loaded, and there are two outs. Here I am sitting on the edge of my seat with my fingers crossed hoping that the player at bat can hit a grand slam (home run that gains 4 runs *for all of you non-baseball watchers*) and win the game. I love the game though. It is fun to watch, now that I understand the game. So the next time there is a baseball game on the tv...take a moment and watch some of it. Or even better...if you get tickets for a Minor or even Major League game...take advantage of it and enjoy some junk food at the ballpark for three hours.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been told that Change is good in life. I accept change but I hate it at the sametime. I have had lots of change in my life. Moved several times when I was younger, jumping from job to job and having to learn different things, moving away from Oregon, and then moving away to Connecticut, starting classes at a new college where I feel like the old woman.

Friday will be another change for me, and I am not too sure if I will like it or not.

My administrative assistant position at AMC is being deleted company wide. "Crappy"...I know. I have to accept this change as I have no control over this. The reasoning behind this change is not due to the company dealing with the economic downturn but due to company wide most theatres were not utilizing the AA positions correctly or even at all. The AA position was created to help boost Yearly Theatre Audit Scores. Well to much of Corporate's surprise, the AA position did not really boost the yearly audit scores, except for my theatre which received a 94% last summer. What will happen then? I will go back to being a pee-on Red shirt. In a way...I do not mind going back to being a Red Shirt, but then in a way I do mind. First I will love knowing that when I am coming to work work...I just need to come into work, work the position scheduled, and then go home. I will not have to worry about getting any reports emailed out or pay the bills on a timely manner or anything else. I will though have to give up my awesome work schedule that I have right now. Currently I pretty much work Monday through Friday from 9p-5p in the exception of Wednesdays where I work from 12-8pm due to one day where I can schedule doctors appointments on. Another down fall to being a Red Shirt is having to fight 40 other crew members for a requested day off. Currently I just have to send an email to my boss and let them know that I need the day off. Normally I get it off due to only having to worry about only 6 other people on the leadership team.

One may say, "Amy...if you like working a steady schedule with weekends free...why don't you look for something else?" Well, I would...but this summer I have a busy one due to my two trips in the month of June and my school schedule. I am afraid that if I leave AMC to a different job, then if something goes wrong, I will be out of a job. Obviously there are not a whole lot of jobs out there right now. This is why I keep sticking with where I am at. As much as I know there is a different place out there that pays more and may treat their employees better...I just can not take the chance quite yet.

I question how the current Red Shirts will treat me or even think when I come walking in on Friday wearing their uniform. I have been slowly telling people that I am changing uniforms starting on Friday. So we will see what happens. I will be keeping my pay that I am making now, so I will be an over-paid Red Shirt. I am hoping that I can stick with this...and that in the future (next fiscal year), Home Office will realize that the theatres actually need the AA position and I will be able to be bumped back up into the position. I can only wait and pray.
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