Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picture of Hair...

As promised...here is a picture of my new hair color. Now you have to remember, Rob dislikes having to take a picture of me when I need it to show off my new hair or something. lol So I got only one picture that actually looks good. It does not show off the peek-a-boo blonde highlights. But I think you will get the gist. Hope you all like it!!

Memorial Day Weekend

For most, Memorial Day weekend entails camping, hanging with family, BBQs, anything but work. Well this weekend was not any of that for myself and Rob. Rob started a project on Friday and ended it today. He took out the back corner of grass in our backyard to create a flower bed. It looks really nice out there now. Next year will be a different flower bed to be the project. Rob put in a Holly Bush, an Azela, a drought resistant rose, and some type of yellow bush that is called something like spilea. Today he put in 6 geraniums and layed down some black mulch. I like the look of the black mulch over the red mulch. Not too sure why...but I just prefer it. here is a before and after picture of the backyard. The first picture was from last year when we had removed and sold the pool. we had dropped down the ledge and help even out the backyard and added new grass seed to make it look less like a pool was in the yard.

I on the other hand...worked at the movie theatre on Friday and Sunday. My main focus this weekend was a history paper which was due at noon today. I finished it today, and emailed it to my professor. Yesterday, before I got working on my paper Rob and I went out and ran errands. We had purchased a used Xbox360 game and had to return it for a different disk as the one that we had would not run on our game system.

After running to the mall, we drove over to Applebee's for lunch. Not one of Rob's favorite places to eat...but since I was driving, I got to choose where we ate. It was still really early and so we had really good service. While we were eating another table was sat next to us. I just had to smile when I looked over to see that it was three elderly women enjoying a nice Sunday meal together. It made me fast forward my own life 40 years to see that is how myself and other girlfiends would look like. The server wanted to seat the ladies at one table and one of the ladies said, "Oh!! Can we sit at this table? It is my FAVORITE spot in this place." I just had to chuckle, as it was so cute. I continued my conversation with Rob, but kept an ear out on the ladies. Rob had gotten up to use the restroom and I heard the three ladies trying to decide what they wanted to have for lunch. One lady comented that she was going to have one dish, and her friend (who was a little bit more senile) said, "oh was that good? that sounds good! maybe I will have that!" The other friend said, "The last time I was hear, I had these cute little cheeseburgers." The more senile friend said, "Oh I want those! Were they good? I think I want to have those!" The server came back to take their order and sure enough all three ladies ordered the cheeseburger sliders. I just smiled when it was time to leave. Rob asked what was so funny, and I told him that he just had to be a female who had close friends to understand the situation completely.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 years...Happy Anniversary to Me!!

Two years ago today, I became a wife to one amazing man. Hard to believe that it has been already two years. So much has happened in the past two years, and it is not stopping yet. May 19, 2007 was such an awesome day. I woke up with some of my bridesmaids and hair dresser to find a cloudy morning but no rain!! We all were very excited about this. We did my hair and then headed downstairs at the hotel for our breakfast. We had to organize when we could go to breakfast to ensure that we would not run into Rob and his groomsmen. Once our photographer got to the hotel, the day of pictures started. I had so much fun. I can still picture Rob's face when he saw me for the first time in my wedding dress. It was definitely a priceless moment. From there was a couple of hours for pictures and then the ceremony and party started. After the wedding, Rob and I went back to the hotel to put on something a little bit more comfortable clothes before heading down to my parent's house for pizza and cake. We also opened up our wedding gifts and spent a few hours with friends and family who had came from out of town before we headed to the airport for our week in Ireland.

Last year we spent a long weekend up in Northern Vermont for our first anniversary. We were up near Burlington, VT. We toured Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory, Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, and even went across to the Canadian Border. All in all we had a good weekend and would highly recommend the bed 'n breakfast place we stayed at for the weekend.

This year was a bit more laid back due to our trip to China next month. Rob and I went down to get breakfast and by the time we got down to McDonald's they were already serving lunch. We just sat and laughed and said, "Well looks like we will have lunch then!" We had went down to a different McDonald's so that I could get Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. After eating lunch I was too full for doughnuts. So we just came back home. I had Rob open up his gift that I had got him. I got him an XM radio home docking system that he can put in his office to listen to the baseball games, as the baseball games do not come over on the computer for XM radio. He was surprised. He got me Guitar Hero for our XBOX 360 and then the Areosmith game to go with it. It is so much fun!!! Ok...so I am a nerd...but oh well. lol I had made a massage appointment and I ended up being an hour late to it. Oops! So I rescheduled it for Thursday. I did go down and get my eyebrows and lip waxed though while I was out. I came home so that Rob and I could go to dinner at Olive Garden. After dinner we then went down to Burlington Coat Factory. Rob found a new jacket, tie, and shirt. All in all we had a good day. We kept making jokes about how tomorrow we were going to drive each other down to JFK terminal 4 to sit on the concrete benches for 12 hours, as that is what we did on May 20th waiting to leave for Ireland. Then we joked about how I was going to take him up to the Canadian border so that he could try and get thrown in jail again for his smart ass remarks to the border patrol.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tips for going to the movies

Since the busy summer season of movies is already underway, I thought I would give you some tips that will help you when you or your family goes to see one of the many "summer blockbusters" this year.

If attending a movie on the opening day or even opening weekend plan ahead. If you do not like purchasing your tickets via the internet on Fandango.com or Movietickets.com then arrive at the movie theatre earlier than what you normally would for a standard movie; especialy for the family friendly movies. I always suggest people to come by way before the movie starts to get tickets for later that evening. If you or your family attends AMC theatres, you are able to see the new show schedule on Tuesdays before the new week. For example, for the week of May 29th, you will be able to view the new movie show schedule on Tuesday, May 26th.

Remember that movie prices and times are subject to change everday. Just because you paid $x.xx for one day does not mean that it is that much everday. Some movie theatres will have several different movie prices. The theatre that I work at has movie prices for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and or holidays. Then different movie prices for Modays-Thursdays.

Always remember that just because a movie is advertised as 3-D in SELECT locations, does not mean ALL locations. There are some theatres still who do not have the 3-D digital projectors but offer the 3-D movies in a 2-D regular movie format. Most locations who are showing the movie in 3-D will advertise their movie as 3-D on either Fandango.com or Movietickets.com.

If you arrive at the movie theatre with out tickets and you find that your movie is sold out or has been sold out for awhile DO NOT freak out. ALWAYS come to the theatre being flexible for change. Know that most of the large movie theatres in your area may have more than one print of each new large movie. Remember that waiting 20-40 extra minutes for a movie is not that big of deal. If you are unwilling to wait, then before you come to the theatre always have a back-up movie that you are willing to see if your movie was or is sold out.

After you have purchased your tickets and are at the concession stand, know exactly what you want before you start talking to the theatre associate. Be patient and know that when you are stressed, it stresses the theatre associate out as well. Do not change your mind a lot of times and have your money ready for payment. If you have more than one person in your party, have one person order all of the concession items and another person there willing to help carry all the concession items down to the theatre as well. While you are ordering concession items, please DO NOT take the items away from the theatre associates register until they have rung up every item into their register. By taking away the items, it causes the theatre associate to take longer as they may not remember what you had asked for it it was a large order.

Once the movie is over, remember to pick up all of your items that you brought in with you. Just as much as you hate cleaning up the messes at your own house, theatre associates hate having to clean a super messy theatre.

Here is a list of movies that will be showing at most movie theatres this summer season. For desciptions of all of these movies you can go to www.imdb.com. For those of you who are wanting to know if any of these movies would be good for children go to www.crosswalk.com. I believe each week they have a posting on what is in each movie for you as a parent can choose if your child would be able to see the movie.





Friday, May 15, 2009


Today I went to the salon for a long and over-due color appointment. My friend Andrew said that I was going in to cover-up my "oldness". I just laughed and wanted to smack him. Each time I go in and try something new when it comes to color. Granted most people in the summer go towards lots of blonde highlights. I for one did not do that this time around. I wanted something different as I was getting bored with doing the same thing all of the time. Summers I normally go with lots of blonde highlights and in the fall I go with little blonde streaks with a dark brown with red undertones. Well this summer I went with something less traditional. I am no longer brown or blonde! **shocker I know** I am now a dark red with "peek-a-boo" blonde spots through out my hair. I love love it!!! I love my hair stylist and totally trust her. I went in today and said, "Lets have some blonde but I want to go dark." She suggested doing the "peek-a-boo" spots as it helps give some contrast to the rest of the color...and then go with more of a red rather than brown. I will have to get some pictures taken of my new hair. But when we rinsed out my hair and got it blow-dried...I do not know who was more excited. Myself or Patricia my hair girl. She said to me, "you are my only client who doesn't freak out when I want to try something new on your hair. You are willing to take some change and see how it looks." I trust her enough that she will not make me look bad. The only condition is that I have to have somewhat normal looking hair so that I can still have a job at the theatre. Otherwise I would probably try and do some pinks and purples in my hair from time to time. lol

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Artificial Insemination Update

Rob and I had another doctor's appointment today with the fertility specialist. It was an appointment where he just told us all of the test results from the past two months. He said everything looks good, and would like to try Artificial Insemination. He wanted to try this month due to where I am in my cycle but I advised him that we wanted to wait until July due to Rob and my trip to China in late June. He completely understood. I asked him if they did one or two days of insemination and he said that they normally only do one, but could and would do two days if requested. He said that the office would check with out insurance to see if a second day would be covered. if not, we will still go ahead with the second day as advised from a good friend of ours. Dr. Levi said that he would put me on Clomid (not looking forward to that only because of the side effects it gives me.) for 5 days in July, then check to see how the ovulation is doing. If things look good, then he will give me a HGH shot (yes the same type of shot that Manny Rameriez and the other baseball players have gotten in trouble for using). he said that in women the HGH shot will increase the estrogen and help the body prepare for pregnancy or think that it is pregnant. **i am sure i am botching some of this up, somehow** 40 hours after i take the shot I will go in for day one of insemination. then the next day will be the second day. We are hoping that AI will work. If AI does not work then we will try In-vitro but where our insurance coveres as many attempts as we want with AI that will be our starting point.

What makes this all exciting is that tonight i found out that my close friend is starting the AI process as well!! so she and i may be pregnant at the same time!! so we will both be keeping our fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So I forgot to charge my Ipod last night before going to bed. Today I get to work and had no music to listen to. I did a search on google for a free online radio stations. I found this site called Pandora. You can create your own radio station. It is the coolest thing!! I am sure there are other sites like this out there...but I think I will keep this one around. You start out by typing in one of your favorite artists (or an artist that you want to start listening to), then what it will do is find other artists or songs that are similar or in the same genre as the group or song that you first selected. You then are able to add artists or songs to build up the station. When each song is played you are then able to give a Thumbs UP or a Thumbs DOWN to let the database know if you like the song or not. If you like that particular song then it will continue to find songs or that artist for future playing. You can even BAN a group by just hitting the Thumbs DOWN button two times for any artist. For instance, Brittany Spears "Oops, I did it again" came up, you could hit the DOWN button and have it skip the song. The next time the radio played another Brittany song you could hit the DOWN button again and this will tell the database that you do not want to hear anything else from this particular artist. So I was pretty productive at work today, as I had some good tunes humming along in the background. Helped out alot since I was auditing nightly paperwork that feels like I am grading papers. I do not think I would be a good teacher as I hate to grade papers. Haha. Anyways...check out the site and see if you like it or not. If you don't...it's ok, but at least you gave it a try.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shows coming to an end

It is the month of May. The month of May makes me very sad. Not because of Mother's Day...but because all of my shows that I watch are all coming to an end. Which means that I will have to find other shows to watch or catch up on any missed episodes. Most of my shows I have seen every episode, though. The two shows that I will miss the most over the summer are 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Brothers & Sisters'. But the show that will leave me hanging this year will be 'Private Practice.' What I hate most are the season finales. This is the way to get viewers to keep coming back for the next season to see "what happens next". They make you think about what could happen all summer and have you counting down the days until the new season starts. The shows that just started for me though are DEADLIEST CATCH and ALASKA EXPERIENCE which both on Discovery Channel. Love these two shows, and the ICE ROAD TRUCKING show will start around in June or July.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Harder than what I thought

Today was my first day back as a "red shirt". It was hard to put the uniform on and head to work. Before today I kept saying, "It will not be that bad." Well then it really hit me how much it really was bothering me. I had a lot of sympathy from my co-workers who all thought my situation was pretty crappy. I wish that AMC Home Office would have realized that the reason why the theatres who were getting good audit scores was because of the Administrative Assistant. Oh well, it is out of my control and I am working with what I have. I was schedule 4-11pm in Guest Service today. Not the ideal place that I like to be on a Friday evening, but whatever. It was slower than what anyone had thought due to having enough coverage for employees. I looked down at the clock around 6pm and realized that I had been on the clock for only two hours. I felt as if I had been there for at least 3 or 4 hours. I was hoping that I would get a break today so that I could eat some type of dinner. Well I forgot that according to CT State Labor Laws, an employeer who is not union does not have to give a meal break unless the crew member is working for 7.5 hours. Those crew members who work 7.25 hours qualify for a 21 minute non-paid break. Because AMC being so cheap they will schedule crew members just short enough so that they do not have to issue a break or enough to only have to give a 21 minute break. I mean come on...if you are going to have someone sit off the clock for 21 minutes you might as well give someone a full 30 minute break. I find it frustrating...but what can I do? I guess I spent too many years working in Oregon where a crew member gets a paid 15 minute break every 4 hours and one unpaid 30 min break with every scheduled 8 hour shfit.

I do not know how I can last as a red shirt. I am in a bind though. If I try and find something else...then I have to let the employer know that I need a week off in late June for my China trip, and then the first weekend off in June for my trip to Oregon. I have told myself that I will stick it out until my China Trip and make another evaluation from there. By then my theatre should have a new General Manager and so things may change. We can only see.
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