Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Phone!!!

Yesterday was the day I had been waiting for in a long time. It felt like Christmas as I knew I was finally getting what I have wanted for four weeks. Rob and I finally got our new phones that we ordered about a month ago. Which ones did we get?? We got the new HTC Incredible by Verizon.

Rob and I started talking about getting new phones sometime last year. We heard that Google was trying to buy some cell towers to offer their own cell service. Well that came and it never went, and so we were still sitting with our old phones. Then the latest craze of the smart phones and the androids started to appear on the market. Quite a few of my friends started getting these type of phones and so it was cool see what all of these different phones would do.

Right around my birthday we decided that we would get the Incredible. When we tried to go get one we realized that everyone was sold out and that we had to order them. When Rob made his first trailer load of stuff out to Ohio he checked with one of the Verizon stores and found that we still had to order them, so he went and put in an order for two phones.

This phone is very cool. Rob said, "You are basically holding a mini computer in your hands that just has a phone option." I laughed, but yet that is exactly what it is. It is fast, the picture is great, and it can sync to just about any email account. I just love it. I am still trying to get use to it, and I will tell is very addicting!!! The one thing that I will have to get really use to is using the touch screen.

Monday, July 19, 2010

You know you are eating out too much when...

  • You know you are eating out too much when you get annoyed at the server who is trying to do their job.
  • You know you are eating out too much when you feel like you are constantly being seated in the screaming child section of the dining room. 
  • You know you are eating out too much when you have the local pizza place on speed dial of your cell phone. 
I am sure I am not the only who has had these thoughts!! Anyone else brave enough to raise their hands?? Well since Rob and I have moved to Ohio, we have realized that we need to cut back on eating out. When we lived in Connecticut we would average eating out (fast food, take out, or sit down restaurant) about 5 times a week for either lunch or dinner. This didn't count my "breaks" that I had at work where I would spend money on my 30 minute break for a snack. So yes we did eat out A LOT. We will both admit that, too. So now that we are in a new place we are going to work on eating at home A LOT more. :) 

So far we have done pretty good. This past weekend was a bit rough since he went to Connecticut with his dad to pack up the rest of the house where there is literally no food or cooking items left at the house. This last week though we did good. We had went to the store and purchased quite a bit of meat that could be frozen and then thawed out when needed. It has been nice cooking at home again. I may not be the greatest cook, but I am at least willing to try, though. Since his mom has been staying with me for the weekend, we did good about trying eat at home as well! Since Saturday, she and I have only ate out twice. Once for lunch on Saturday and then tonight for dinner. The other nights I have been creative on trying to fix meals here at the house for her and I. I was able to make a meal that she and I would enjoy that I would not normally be able to make when Rob is around since he does not like shrimp. 

But Rob and I have decided that we can not just completely cut the whole eating out thing. I see it as kind of like going on a diet or budgeting. While on a diet or a strict budget you still have to leave some give room or some reward room so that you do not fail. If you are use to eating out all of the time then trying to quit cold turkey it will fail every time. We have decided that we will eat out twice a week. Once a week we will treat the dogs to a car ride and dinner at a fast food place like Sonic and then once a week he and I will go out and have a meal at a sit down place. This way it feel more special than, "well where do you want to go tonight?" I know it is easy right now, but the real test will be when both of us start working. I am hoping that we can have a routine down before then, but it will be a struggle for awhile, I am sure. 

So for all of you lovely friends who cook...send me your favorite EASY meals that you like to cook. I am a picky eater, but I am trying to broaden my palate a bit. Rob and I tend to cook on a weekly basis: Chicken, Pork, and Beef. So feel free to send me anything with these meats in it. I would love to try some of your dishes!! 

85% moved in...

Since things are starting to kind of get back to normal, I feel that I can start blogging again. I have missed my daily blogging and I am going to do my best to start blogging more. We will see how this goes. I am out of sync of the daily blogging routine, so please give me a bit to get back into the groove of things. 

Well I am about 85% moved into the new house in a western 'burb of Cleveland. It is a little bit smaller house than what we had in Connecticut, but we are going to make it work. :) The bedroom I wanted to use as a "master bedroom" had to be changed, as our queen size bed will not fit up the stairs in the house. *sigh* So the two bedrooms with queen beds are on the main level of this new house and then the twin bed that we have will be upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I will have my own hide away room as well where I can set up a place just for me. I already have my books upstairs as well. I may move them over to the other bedroom, I have not fully decided yet. Besides the house though, I love the area that we are at. 

Why do I love the new area? Well I am about two miles from every shopping store you can think of that you would need on a daily basis and then if you want more of an upscale shopping experience drive about five minutes the other way and you will be there for those stores, too!! I have not walked through the upscale outdoor mall yet, but I will get to it! Maybe when the heat and humidity is lower I will go and have the energy to walk around outside. 

Rob and his dad are currently at the Connecticut house. They are in the process of packing up the remaining things and loading them into the trailer. They are thinking that they will be coming back to Ohio on Wednesday but I have been told that they may come back on Monday. I don't know. Why didn't I go? Welllll....since Rob told me that I needed to find a job as soon as possible...I have a job interview this coming week. So there! I guess this is one of the consequences of looking for a job while still trying to get fully moved in from one state to another. 

Here is a slide show of one of the moving trips and the first time I saw the new house in person. I hope that you all enjoy!! I am sure a lot of you have seen these pictures over on my FB page. If not...then please, enjoy!!

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