Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ever moved to a new area and not known anyone? Ever lived in the same location all your life and wanted to meet other people who share the same interests?? Ever just wanted to let loose or learn something new?? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have the best site for you. It's called

Since moving to the Cleveland area, I have joined this great website that I just mentioned above. Rob came across this site and started looking around. He found a couple groups that I may be interested in, and so he sent me the links. One of them was called "The High Tea Society". It is a group devoted to tea!! The main purpose of this group is meeting other people who share your interest in learning new teas and visiting different tea houses in the area. I am really enjoying this group. I signed up last month for a tea event and loved it!! We all met at The Ashley Place which is a tea room located in Medina, Ohio. Four other women showed up for that one and we had a lovely conversation over some tea and food. I tried a raspberry flavored tea and found it to be ok...I am not too sure if I would get that one again. Today was another event with the Tea Society. I met up with four other women in Vermilion, Ohio which is about thirty minutes west of my house. We met at this small little tea shop called Decidedly Different. I tried a new flavor of tea again. This time it was a tea called Scottish Breakfast. If you are a black tea drinker who enjoys the Breakfast teas, then this is a must try! It is a bit strong and a bit bitter, but after putting two packets of sugar in my cup, I thought it tasted pretty good. 

Another group that I found is a Movie & Book lover club. They are a group well that views movies together and then also reads a book together as well. Last month, I met up with this group to see the movie Inception. After the movie we then went over and had a bite to eat and discussed how we liked or disliked the movie. I was in hopes of going to the event tomorrow to see the new movie Eat, Pray, and Love, but due to the time the movie is, it is a conflict with something else that Rob and I had planned. The book part of this club is just the same as the movie part. The current book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I read this book back in middle school and so I was excited to hear this was the next book the club was going to read. I went out and bought the book at a half priced bookstore. I have started reading the book (ok, so I am just 3 pages in), so I need to get going on the book since the book discussion is in about a month. I have heard from other group members is that if you have read the book as a child, then when you are reading this book as an adult you tend to understand more of the adult roles in the book. I will let you know once I finish the book. 

Rob has found a couple social groups on as well. He found a hiking group and a couple others. He has yet though to attend any of the events that have had. He is hoping to try and go to one of the hiking ones soon. 

So I encourage you to go over to and check it out for yourself. It is completely free to sign up and you never may find a great group just for you!!! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cleveland Orchestra!

String instruments, brass instruments, woodwinds, and percussion all make up an orchestra. I am sure I am missing something but it is late and so I am not thinking completely clear. I love the orchestra and have a passion for listening to good orchestras. I guess the passion started when I was in fifth grade and started to play the violin and it grew to what it is now. I was blessed in elementary and high school with some wonderful music teachers and I tend to silently thank them everyday.

Tonight, Rob and I went to a Cleveland Orchestra performance at Severance Hall. They were putting on a free performance and live recording of Bruckner's Symphony No. 8 in C minor. I figured since the tickets were free we would go. I am so glad that I did go!! I don't think I have ever heard any of Bruckner's music and I am now a fan!! This symphony is broken into four movements. Each one has their own personality and thoughts of Life and Death. I thought I would share them all with you since I found them over on YouTube. My favorite movement was the second movement and I felt like the third movement was never going to end. I did still enjoy all of it though. 

So if you have a on each one and take a listen and experience Bruckner for yourself!! 

Movement 1 - 

Movement 2:

Movement 3

Movement 4
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