Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Papers coming out my ears!

I am feeling overwhelmed right now. I am sure I am not the only student currently feeling this way. Last week was the final week of Fall Trimester which would make this week the first week of the Winter Trimester. No biggie right? Well did I fail to mention that I am taking two semester classes as well? This is alot for me compared to normal. I had a term 9-10 paged paper due last week for my Social Work class, then this past week I had another 5 pg maxed paper due in my Sociology class. This last weekend I headed back down to campus for a weekend class on AIDS/HIV Awareness and yes there is yet another paper due for that class! I am about to have a Macaulay Culkin moment from his Home Alone series where he claps his cheeks and yells, "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

In addition to all of this, Winter Trimester is starting up which has two classes for me. One is another social work class and the other is a psychology class dealing with child learning disabilities. Just trying to get fully registered for Winter Trimester was a small adventure. Originally when I went to advisement Dr. Nadel and I had picked out an Eng. Lit class which is a hybrid class (which meets only a few times in class through out the term where the other part is done online) and would meet on Monday evenings. The social work class was on wednesday evenings. Great!! Easy as apple pie. When I tried to register for the social work class, I was unable to due to not taking all of the pre-reqs. I went and got permission from Dr. Nadel and come to find out the class had been moved to the same evening as the English Lit. class. Therefore, I had to drop the English class to get into the social work class and pick up another class to be considered full time for the trimester student. I chose an online psychology class, only for it to be canceled due to the professor not wanting to teach the class as an independent study. So I finally landed with the psychology class dealing with children learning disabilities. Both classes sound pretty interesting. I missed the first class for my psych class since I had to work the midnight showing of Twilight: New Moon at the theatre. Personally I would have rather been in class rather than driving home to change into a uniform and go to work. My social work class will be really interesting. The class is on Human Behavior & the Social Enviorment: Life Course. There are only two other students in the class. So pretty small but it should still be fun. I will get to more details on the class in a later post.

With all of these papers coming out of my ears, I realized that I had not typed out the annual holiday letter for the Christmas cards. I normally am the first one to get the cards out in the mail. Well, it looks like this year I will be a little bit slower on that. Hopefully by this coming week I will have the cards ready to be sent out in the mail. I typed up the letter last night and Rob made some revisions today. All I need to do now is get some paper to print it out on and get it in the cards!!

So much to do, so little time...but yet I will figure it out and make it work.
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