Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The packing has started... has now really become a reality that I am moving. Rob left today with his parents with a full trailer to Ohio. So where we moving?? Well it will be the Cleveland area for sure, just not too sure which house yet. Rob is going this weekend to look at two houses and possibly a third. Yay!!

The house is looking more like a house full of boxes and less like the house that is lived in. I really hate packing. Like really hate packing. But I don't know what is worse...Packing or Unpacking. If I had the money I would pay for people to come in pack up my stuff, move it to the new house, and then unpack it for me. But I live in the real world, I guess. hahaha

I am going to enjoy these next four days though, since Rob is gone. While trying to pack, I am going to enjoy the quiet that comes with just being in the house alone. I do have Sparky and Casey as Cindy went to Ohio with Rob and his parents. Friday will be my last day at AMC. Last days are so bittersweet sometimes, and I know this one will be the same.

We will be in the Cleveland area for the next year, though. Rob will be a visiting professor at Cleveland State University. He is still on the job market and he is looking everyday at the job boards to see if the schools have started posting job ads for the Fall of 2011 yet. The big schools will probably start posting in August or September. Hopefully something will come out...and we will know something in the spring of next year where we are going rather than playing this super late waiting game. :)

This is where we are at right now. Once I have a new address I will let people know so that they can update their address labels.


  1. What does Rob teach? USI is looking...

  2. Amanda, he teaches Management Information Systems over in the Business School.


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