Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quote Frames!!!

While at the retreat this past weekend we had a craft session. I had so much fun doing this craft that I had to share with the rest of you. Coley posted how to make our craft earlier today on her blog and I thought I would just link her blog to mine. Click on the link below to see what supplies you will need to create one of these cute Quote Frames!! Coley's Corner: Group Craft: Quote Frames  **Come back to my blog once you have read her little blog on how to make one of these!**

Now that you have read how to make creative and make one of your own!!! Most of the supplies you could probably find at the dollar store! 

Here is the finished product of my own frame. I had so much fun making one this past weekend that it makes me want to make a few more!! 

Below is what my frame looks like with something written on the glass: 

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