Monday, July 27, 2009

AI Update - Insemination Day!!!!

our day started at dr. levi's office at 7am. rob gave his sample there at the doctor's office. he came out and said, "i sure hope to hell i do not have to sit in that sample giving room any other time!" he said it was pretty nasty. poor guy. he would have produced the sample at the house but the office on friday didn't send me home with a cup! lol they called me back around 815am and the procedure was done a few minutes later. the numbers for today that they were looking for was a low ball of 5million before they wash the sperm. well rob started with like 3million (which normally people do not even think about doing AI with that.) after the wash rob had about 1.7 million good sperm...and even with that the sperm didn't look stellar either. but we went ahead and did the procedure only because like people say, "it only takes one spermy to make things work!" we were thinking of doing 2 days of insemination...but because of such low numbers rob gave today...we figured it would just be a joke.

after the appointment they gave me two more apts where i go back next week to check my projesterone and then the following week (two weeks from today) i will go in for a pregnancy test. eeek!!! so that is the update.

today we spent the day out at the Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall out in NY. So Rob and I had some shopping therapy. It was nice.

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