Saturday, July 25, 2009

AI Update - July 24th

I went to the doctor levi's office yesterday. the nurse checked my follicles and saw that there are TWO that are the correct size that they are looking for. She had me do some blood work as well. she told me that if the blood work came back good, then she said she would call me and give me further instructions. I told her that she may have to leave a message on the cell phone only because i was going down to NYC for the day and may not hear my phone. She was able to get a hold of me and told me that everything came back good. So today I am taking the HGH shot at 815pm tonight. (goodness i am hoping that it was evening that she said otherwise this is going to throw everything off). Rob and I then arrive to the doctor's office on Monday morning at 730am for rob to give his "sample". The actual AI process will happen at 815am!! I will then go back on tuesday for one more insemination procedure. then will be the waiting period to see if any of the sperm did what we wanted them to do.

Rob also had an appointment with his urologist yesterday as well. He had to give a sample just so that dr. honig could see what rob's numbers were. the news coming from dr. honig were not very good...but we are still going to think positive. Rob's count was 11 million, 20% motility (# of sperm actually moving), Morphology is basically pinheads. we are keeping our chins up with everything.

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