Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to Fall!

Spiced pumpkin scent, crunchy leaves, mountain sides in full color of reds, oranges, and golds, corn mazes, hot cider, turkey, big chunky sweaters, and much more. These are some of the things that I look forward to every year to the fall season. 

Like many...I am one who enjoy the transition from summer to fall. This year especially. It has been quite a hot summer and so I am really looking forward to the cooler weather. I love watching the trees turn from green to the vibrant red, orange, and gold colors. This is one thing that I am going to miss for not living in the New England area. One has not experienced the full meaning of fall until you have seen a whole mountain side in full amazing color! I know...I have said that for the past several years...but if you have seen what I am talking about, then you understand. I will miss that this year since I am now in Ohio. I am sure I will find something here in Ohio to admire for this fall season.

Have you all went into Yankee Candle lately?? Well they have some good fall scents that are smell really yummy. I was good and didn't get any only because I have several scents at home that need to be burned before new ones can come into the house. I did buy a new scent from another candle place last month when I was out in Vermillion. The scent is a coffee scent. Smells real yummy. This candle is a soybean candle. It burns to liquid just like the other good candles.

So what your favorite part of Fall??

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  1. Love your fall background! I've been thinking about switching to fall background but it just doesn't FEEL like fall yet. I did put out some fall decorations at home hoping maybe that would speed up Mother Nature. LOL

    We don't have a yankee candle nearby but Michael's (the craft store) has a fall foliage candle that I just love. It only comes in the small canned candle and I burned it up and had to go get another one - I like it that much! LOL


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