Saturday, January 1, 2011


I love reading the first blogs of each new year that people post to their page. Most are either reflection of the past year and or goals that they want to accomplish for the new year that has just started. I thought that I would join the crowd and post a blog before the first day of the year comes to a final close.

What a year 2010 was for me!! Lots of changes that is for sure, and 2011 will be possibly even more changes!! I do see quite a few things that 2010 and 2011 have in common. I moved in 2010 from one state to another and I will do the same this year in 2011. I found close friends in 2010 and found three women here in Cleveland that I can see calling good close friends by the time I move later this year. Lastly, 2010 I ended a job in one state and found a new one (even if it took me awhile) and I will do that yet again this year.

I am glad though 2010 is over for me. It was a rough year and the month of December was especially rough for me. My paternal grandfather lost his battle with lung cancer mid-month and it took a toll on my emotions in one of the busy months at work. I was glad though that I saw him one last time in November, full well knowing that he would probably not make it to Christmastime.

For 2011 I am going give more personal time to myself this year, and take care of myself. I tend to get so busy that I forget to do things for myself and allow myself to sit and just breath. I want to try some new things like Zumba at least once this year, just to see what all the talk is! I am going to stand up for myself and not be around negative people this year. I will spend my energy getting to know people who actually want to know who I am, not because of how I look, dress, or speak. I will go out of my way and speak to people who may have a disability even if it is uncomfortable to me at first.

So here is to 2011...may it be better than last year...and I can walk away feeling good that I have accomplished some new things!

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