Sunday, May 2, 2010

Christianity & they go together?

I guess I have your attention now, as you know that most of the time I stay quiet about hard issues like this. Today I was catching up on some of my subscribed blogs, I came across Addison Road's Jenny's blog back from April 27th. She does something every Tuesday where she talks about tough topics. This past week or two she talked about this actual topic of Homosexuality with in Christianity

**I understand by posting a blog like this...I am starting a fire among some of my friends...but I wanted to talk about this.** 

Christian music artist, Jennifer Knapp, last month came out saying that she is a lesbian and has been with her partner for the past several years. She came out and spoke with several different news outlets, including Christianity Today. Here is the article that is posted from Christianity Today. Knapp states that she wanted to stop living a lie and finally just come out and tell people who she is as a person and an artist. So does this make her a bad person?? For some of you, the response will be "Yes! She is professing that she is a Christian but yet she is living in sin because she is a homosexual." Others will respond with, "No...she is not a bad person. I commend her for coming out and living the life of who she really is. She can teach the word while living with her true self." And others will sit and say, "Hmm....I don't know. I have to sit and think about this one!"

A pastor, Bob Botsford has posted his own blog about this. He met Jennifer several years ago with her manager when she was thinking about leaving the Christian Music Business because of the lifestyle that she is choosing to live. He kept quiet about what he thought about all of this until Jennifer came out to the public about her private life. You can read Bob's reaction here. I believe that everyone has their right to their own opinion as I have the right to my own. 

With all of this coming about Larry King had both Bob and Jennifer on his show a couple weeks ago as well. I just finished watching all four parts of the show that I found over on YouTube. I found it very interesting as well. Since I have all four tabs open I will provide the links for you, so that you can just click and watch. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. I comment Larry for not taking sides (as he has in the past on certain issues) and letting each side take part on what they feel should be said. I think that Larry addresses some good points that makes both sides think. 

So where do I stand on this?? Now...I will admit that I don't have all the scriptures memorized and that I have not been to church since last summer...but I do have my own thoughts on this. I believe that even gay and lesbians can have a relationship with Christ. For where is it my job to judge someone for their own sexual orientation?? Jesus says he doesn't need to be defended...that we need to love one another and not throw the stones. I agree with Jenny from Addison Road on all of this. Jenny states in her blog, '"When did Jesus ever stop and tell the disciples, "Look. There are a lot of sins out there. But homosexuality is at the top of that list. So attack it. Attack those people. Take up arms for me. Start the battle. Wage a war for my sake."' I believe that we need to accept everyone for who they are. I know of straight women who have heard the awful stories from other women in sexual abuse groups, and they can understand why some women would change their sexual orientation. Should we condemn them because of what a man did to them?? I think not! 

For those of you who listen to Addison Road...are you going to stop listening to their music because Jenny took a stand on what she believes? How about you who listen to Jennifer Knapp?? And I am sure that I will get people who will stand up and tell me that I was wrong for posting this...but if we are suppose to love all...then lets do just that! 


  1. I applaud you for posting this, Amy.

    I have seen what Christians have said and done to homosexuals in judgment of their life and it makes me sad. One of the reasons I moved out of my parent's house when I did was because of the way certain family members treated my friends who are gay. The bible I read says "Love One Another" not "Love one another, but not anyone who is homosexual." Some of the most important people in my life are in same sex relationships and I see the struggles they have to deal with. When someone says "I'm a Christian" but treats people cruely, it hurts their testimony in my opinion.

    Posting a blog like this shows great love. A family member recently made a decision that the rest of the family isn't entirely on board with. When I asked her mom how she felt about the situation, she said something to the affect of "I'm choosing to disagree but love unconditionally." That is an attitude I try to live by.

    Good for you for posting this. May people who claim to love the Lord think about this and how they treat those around them.

  2. Amy - what a timely post. I had a great conversation with a few gay men last night about this very topic and I absolutely agree. There is no good reason that the gay population cannot have a relationship with Christ...and the few men I was talking to last night about this topic do call themselves Christians. I am proud and blessed to call them my brothers. AMEN!
    Jenn P

  3. I encourage you girls to read the blogs that i have posted and watch the videos. I feel like just me talking about it is one thing...but reading what others feel is good, as well.

  4. Amy . . . thanks for joining the conversation! I'm not sure why some people get so disturbed about this topic that they aren't able to talk about it without getting mean. I'm sure it's just fear. I was Jenny's youth minister growing up, and I'm also her mom (Annie's Grandma). Her dad and I are so very proud of her. Her love for God and people shine through everything she does..... on and off the stage.

  5. Nice to meet you Debbie, and thanks for the comment!!! I had read Jenny's blog...and she really put fire in me. I had to write about it too after looking at the videos!! **some of the comments she received for posting her blog made me mad as well!! I will be supporting Addison Road in their music!!**

    Give Jenny and Annie a hug the next time they are in town!! Oh tell her that I know the beauty of the AZ desert she was describing!!

  6. Hey Amy,
    I have felt for a long time that it is not place, nor your place, nor anyone else's place, to judge who will and who won't go to Heaven! I know gay people who do have a relationship with Christ, and I believe that God ALONE will judge their lives. It's not my job. I believe that a gay couple in a committed relationship, living for Christ and one another, is no more "sinful" than a straight couple living the same life. I think the core value that is of importance to God is love, commitment, and respect.
    Amanda B.


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