Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day & Happy Birthday Denise Johnson!

As a young girl, I would always look forward to the first of May. Back then it was because I had just over a month until my birthday. I knew that Spring has pretty much really came and I could look forward to warm weather and the ending of school. I remember my mom telling us kids stories about what she and her friends would do on May Day. They would collect flowers, leave them on someone's door step, ring the bell and run away. I just recently went and looked this up and this was one of the old traditions that was done here in the states on the first of May. The tradition states though that if the person who received the flowers on the step could catch who left them, then the leaver would receive a kiss. Other countries have May Day traditions, too. England (and eventually the United States) prop up Maypoles and wrap the pole with long ribbons or flowers. 

In modern days though, it seems that May Day is for protesting of all sorts. I do not really care for May Day now. I get tired of hearing about all the protests in each large city and or state. I mean, people protest all the time, but it seems like the only time all of these protests really count are on May 1st. I understand that other countries in the past...May 1st was used for this. But can't we go back to the flowers and Maypoles??

I will say that my dear friend, Denise Johnson, was born on today  and is celebrating her 29 plus 4 years birthday, so I can't hate this day too much!! I hope to see her sometime next month and we can celebrate both of our birthdays the perfect way with lots of laughs, good food, and baskets from Longaberger! 

(Denise & I back in August of 2008 at her Indiana house) 

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