Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthmother's Day

Happy Birthmother's day!! This post is for all of the birthmothers out there today in the world. Birthmother's Day is always celebrated the day before Mother's Day.

I am a member of Birthmom Buds which is an online organization that supports Birthmom's all over the country! I actually volunteer my time each month by writing different articles, collecting birthdays, and even prayer requests for the monthly newsletter.

This month's newsletter was centered around Birthmother's day. I wanted to share with you a poem that was written by another fellow birthmother. The poem was read at the annual birthmom day celebration. I will get to this celebration one year!! But I find this poem very fitting for a day like today. Once again Happy Birthmother's day, ladies!

These Women
by Leigh Harding
(read at Birthmother's Day 2010)
A sigh in the night
A tear down the cheek
The computer goes on
 Because she can't sleep.
The words come out
 As the tears flow
There is only one place
 She knows she can go.
 Where the words don't sound strange,
The language isn't foreign
And there is someone there
 Who has been where she is going.
 Because of their present
They may not know what to say
But the words that are written are
 Honest and true.
 These Women,
These Friends,
These Sisters.
 No matter what we call ourselves
We are tied to the one word
 that will always bind us together:

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