Monday, February 7, 2011

Travel, Fashion, Cookies, Yoga, Writing and Jewlery?!

If you are an avid blogger, like me, you probably follow a ton of different blogs. Ever wondered who some of your friends are following?? Thought I would give you a list of a few bloggers who I tend to follow on a daily/weekly basis depending on the time I have to sit and read!!! I hope that you will follow some of my fellow blogger journey's and see what you can learn from them, too!

1. Adventuras en Espana: This blog is my friend Nicki who I use to work with at AMC Theatres. She is studying abroad this spring in Barcelona, Spain!!! She tries to post a couple times a week about the life she is living as a student and trying to take in the city, food, and sounds of what Spain is. I love reading her postings as she is very down to earth. You will find yourself laughing and thinking, "Wow...I am sure I would have done that too!" Follow Nicki and show her some blogger love!

2. Need some Fashion Advice? Well check out Pick Pocket Molly and Missus Smarty Pants! Both sites are perfect for anyone who needs a little refresher course on help in the fashion department. I went to church with Alice who is Pick Pocket Molly. No one can go wrong with Missus Smarty Pants, especially if you are over the age of 30. My mom introduced my sister and I to Missus Smarty Pants, and I can not thank her enough. Missus Smarty Pants will actually tell you which design shape you are and what to buy to make yourself look great for any occasion!!

3. Love baking creative looking cookies? If so, don't look to Martha Stewart, look at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle! I just stumbled upon her blog yesterday as she is the niece of one of my birthmom friends. Her post from yesterday was extremely cute. She made cookies, fruit, and fruit dip. You ask, "What is so creative about that?" The cookies were made to look like tortilla chips, fruit was your salsa, and yup you guessed it, the guacamole was the fruit dip. Check out the photo!! I instantly had to start following her!

4. We all want to be fit right, but don't have the time or energy to go to the gym?? Now you can do Yoga at home with Fit2Bmama! My dear friend, Bethany, is the creator behind this blog. Read along with life as she blogs about being a wife, a mom of two, fitness enthusiast, and one who loves to go as organic as possible. You will laugh and see that even fitness people have their days were they just want to sit and consume a whole medium pan crust pizza alone due to a stressful day. You though will also find inspiring little notes to keep you going and pushing forward with your fitness goals and being encouraged to take one day at a time!

5. Want to know what it is like to being a writing student who has a passion for film and television? My high school friend, Megan is just that. She is one who I love reading her thoughts for the latest television show and or movie that she may have watched. She is an aspiring writer who would love to move to Las Angelos one day and be a writer for film or television. Great goals!!  Follow Megan over at Musings from the Farmgirl and see what she has to say! 

6. Lastly, I am sure I have posted about another classmate of mine who make jewelry, but if not, I will post about ~Pamela Susan~ again. Pam is awesome with her creations and I love reading to see what she has made next, espcially now that her Etsy store is open only a couple days a month. In addition to the jewelry that she makes, she is always making little things for her adorable little girls. This week she is doing a necklace give-away so go and check her out! I bet you will not be disappointed!! I wish I had just half of the creativity as she has!! :)

So there you have it, I gave you several different blogs you can follow and share with others as well!! Have a wonder week my friends!

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