Sunday, February 6, 2011

Which Purse?

 As women, we probably have more or close to as many purses & handbags as we do to our shoes. Think about it. How many purses do you have?? One?? Two? Fifteen? How many? Now, how many of those purses do you use on a regular basis? Just like shoes, we tend to use one over and over until we see a new one in the store that we can't pass up, or need a different one for a special occasion or the upcoming trip.

I was walking through Macy's Friday after my hair appointment, and since I like purses I stopped to glance at the purses that were on display. I had no intention on buying because like everyone else, I have bags hidden in closets that should see some light, soon. One bag caught my eye that said, "Ooohh...this is cute, but I will be good and not buy it because I have one similar at home."
The purse that caught my eye:

Kipling Handbag, Alvar Shoulder Bag

 Just as I was going to walk away a woman walked over to me and said, "Isn't that a great purse?! Look at all the storage?!" I first thought she was a sales woman but when I looked up it was a woman in her early to mid-60s. She was clearly not a sales woman as she had about seven different purses on her shoulder. She said, "I don't know which one to choose!" All the purses she had were all very similar as they all were shaped the same with about the same amount of storage. I said, "Well this one is cute, but it is on the casual side." since it was not made out of leather, and the zippers looked to be a chunky plastic. Cute, but I surely could not see this woman walking around with this purse. She then told me that she is needing a purse as she is headed to Key West, Florida for a vacation and asked me which one I liked the best out of the ones she had on her shoulder.

I looked at her and said, "Well, I would pass on the white one as it is before Memorial Day and I am sure you already have several different white bags at home. Then I like the black leather one, but once again you probably have more black bags at home." I then noticed that she had a metalic silver bag. It was cool, fresh, and something that I knew she probably didn't have hanging in a back closet at home. I said, "How about this one?! The color is cool and very in right now. Plus it would look with either jeans, capris, or even a dress when you head out to dinner." She looked at me and said, "Wow, you are right?!" I told her, I am all about trying to find one purse that does everything so that I am not having to take more than one bag on vacation with me. She thanked me and said, "I wish you could go shopping with me all the time!" I smiled and wished her well, and left the store before I walked out with the other cute bag.

The bag that was selected for the woman but she got one in Silver:

Tyler Rodan, Kansas Crossbody Bag

I walked away feeling that I did something good for someone who may not have someone to go shopping with. I luckily have a husband who enjoys going shopping. With that being said some of the purses that I do have, he has picked out even when we were at a Tag Sale. I had posted this as one of my daily joys as I walked away feeling good and so did someone else!

For your next trip, think about the current purse that you have. Will it work storing all of your travel items with out weighing it completely down? If so, check out one of these two purses to see if they would work for you. Both were very deep with lots and lots of pockets!! Plus they both look great!

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