Monday, June 29, 2009

China - Day 2

**My blogs for China days 1-5 were posted by my sister who was able to access China for some reason blocks that site, and so the blogs were copied and pasted from my Facebook Notes.**

Yesterday was pretty uneventful...which was good, since we had a hectic day before. We pretty much stayed at the hotel for most of the day. Didn't want to venture out too far and end up getting lost.

We found lunch downstairs at one of the restaurants. The menu was mainly in Mandarin (one of the main languages in china), but had pictures and some English to say what was what. I saw some different types of chicken, goat, eel, snake, shark, goose liver, shrimp, to name a few. Rob and I decided on pork dumplings, white rice, and some type of vegetable that looked like either Chinese Broccoli or Kale. The meal also came with tea. The dumplings were very good.

We did venture out of the hotel hoping to find a bank...but had no luck. We had wanted to change money over to Chinese RMB, but could not find where the bank was located. One of the girls in the hotel said it was close by.

The weather is very hot and muggy. Think summertime in Florida...and you will get the idea on what it feels like here.

Dinner was at the conference reception located up on top of the hotel in a French restaurant. Dinner was more of a Chinese buffet. Rob and I did manage to find a few things to eat, as nothing was labeled in English.

Yesterday afternoon we figured out how to turn the tv on (it had a cable box which would turn on but the actual TV would not at first). We were able to find a few channels that were in English...but it was pretty funny to watch.

Our friend Harry stopped by our hotel room last night to check in on us. He had just arrived from Hong Kong. He was in Hong Kong for a couple of days before the conference, as he was visiting friends who live there now.

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