Tuesday, June 30, 2009

China Day 5

**My blogs for China days 1-5 were posted by my sister who was able to access Blogger.com. China for some reason blocks that site, and so the blogs were copied and pasted from my Facebook Notes.**

Yesterday was our fifth day here in China. We left Guangzhou yesterday morning and flew up to Beijing. We were so happy to just get out of Guangzhou. The minute we got into Beijing our spirits lifted. Our friend Harry helped us get a cab and he told the cab driver where our hotel was, and then we were on our way. Rob and I were just blown away at the architecture here in Beijing. Modern and historical buildings all smashed in together.

Our hotel is directly downtown in the center of everything!! We are staying at a Hilton Hotel that was built for the 2008 Summer Games. The hotel is super super nice...and people speak very good English here. We got checked in and hung out at the hotel for about an hour just to relax.

We then walked over to a mall which happens to be 6 stories!! I was hungry and we found a McDonald's to eat at. Yes...you may all laugh but it is kind of a tradition for us to eat at McDonald's when we are traveling abroad. I have ate at McDonald's in Ireland, Germany, and now China. Each place has a little bit different stuff. So it is kind of cool.

After eating...we walked through the mall to an outside mall which is right next door. well it is more of a pedestrian walkway that is lined with tons and tons of shopping. we walked through a Foreign Language Bookstore, and so they had all types of books in English and other languages. We were trying to find the exit and the exit happen to place us into another store next door. Well that store was kind of a trap...but we found some amazing items in there to bring back to the states for us. it was hard to get out of there only due to buying one thing then they wanted us to come look at something else...and so on. plus every 100RMB that you spent you got 9RMB for free. So with our first purchase we got 36RMB for free. We were able to find another item...and then they wanted us to look at something else. Rob and I were both just wanting to get out of there...and so we told the person that we would come back tomorrow. Well then they stepped up their sales pitch...but we were able to get out of the store. We got out and looked at each other and said, "what the heck did we get into?!" we looked up at the store name and it said something about a Supermarket. well from what an American thinks of what a supermarket is...this was not one of those that had food. it was a supermarket that had anything you can think of for chinese clothing, table cloths, and so on. it was crazy! we then went and found a couple cokes to drink as it is very very warm up here in Beijing. we walked down more of the shopping area...just to see what was there. we then went back to the hotel and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Day 6 will consist of The Forbidden City and more site seeing. Day 7 will be more site seeing and an evening spent at the famous Peking Opera. I am very excited. Day 8 will be our travel home back to the states. I am hoping to type out a note later tonight about day 6.

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