Tuesday, June 30, 2009

China Day 4

Sunday was a pretty boring day in most people's eyes. Rob and I didn't do a whole lot. We slept late and just hung out in the hotel room. around 2pm we went downstairs to find some lunch. ended up having some more of the nothern boiled dumplings. they were pretty good again. we then went and looked through a few of the clothing shops. rob had thought about getting a new polo but decided against it as when we did the conversion rate....the little store wanted close to $300 for a cotton polo!!! so we just went back up to the hotel room and hung out. i spent part of the day uploading pictures from the camera and getting them all labeled and placed in my picasa album. if you have not seen the pictures, go to http://picasaweb.google.com/lilmomma13104/ChinaTrip?feat=directlink. those are the pictures so far from our trip.

i ended up falling asleep around probably 4pm-5pm. rob asked if i was jet lagged...and i said that i just felt tired. didn't think it was jet lagg. well now i look at the clock and i am wide awake here at almost 5am. haha. well i may be awake because i fell asleep so early, too. so we will see. we leave for beijing in just six short hours. i am very excited. in beijing we will be staying at the hilton hotel that is located about a 10 minute walk from Tienanmen Square. I looked on tripadvisor.com and this hotel is very highly rated as it was built just in time for the summer games last summer. everyone says that all of the staff speaks very good english and there is lots of shopping and places to eat near by. so that will be nice. we are just looking forward to leaving guangzhou.

rob and i were talking about if we would come back to this conference next year...and right now the answer is "probably not". we both have said that if the conference would have set up the non-chinese guests up in a hotel that had staff that spoke english...this trip would have been alot more enjoyable. we did meet a couple other people who were not chinese on this trip. a few of the guys were from india. i told rob that i miss hearing the indian accent up in the area of CT that we live. It makes me miss our friend Sidd who is a professor down in in Baltimore area.

well off to start the day...as I can not sleep and we have to leave for the airport in about 3 hours. My next note will hopefully be sent from Beijing. :)

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