Thursday, June 18, 2009

The joys of airplane travel...

Since Rob and I travel a lot, we have seen a lot of funny things in the airport or even airplane. Thought I would share some of the recent incidents that occurred while trying to come home from Knoxville this weekend.

I do mind if the customer service rep wants to help people along in the check-in line but i sometimes feel as if helping too much actually slows people down rather than speeds them up. This happened at the Knoxville Airport. Then we were standing in line at the security check. I noticed how slow the line was moving and wondered why. When I got up a little bit closer I noticed that everyone was just using one side of the security check. Rob and I decided to take advantage of the other side where not many people were going. It is funny how people will just assume to follow the person in front of them. After getting through security we headed down to our departure gate. Knoxville is a pretty small airport with a total of 18 gates. *laugh...because I know you want to.* There was a flight trying to board when we first got there and so we ended up sitting in one gate over due to having more seats. I notice this odd fellow come down to where we were as well. When traveling, I tend to be a little bit more observant of people around me. I watched this fellow in the wheelchair and he went over to the gate where there was a ticket agent. He asked her if she was working that gate and she said, "no." He then proceeded to ask her if he could leave his crutches there at the podium. She told him that she was unable to do that due to having to keep all of the area free. He asked if she could put the crutches along the wall and she gave him the same response. After being turned down twice he turned and saw Rob and myself sitting minding our own business. I knew he would come over...but I was hoping he wouldn't. Well sure enough he wheeled himself over and said to Rob, "Yo dude." I had to nudge Rob as he was fully not paying attention. Rob asked what he needed and the guy said to him, "Are you going to be here for awhile? If so, can you watch my crutches for me?" Rob being a nice guy said, "Uh...ok." I on the other hand thinking in my head, "heck no...i am not about to watch someone else's stuff." So the crutches were placed underneath the bench. The wierd fellow asked Rob, "Hey...are you going to Cincinnati?" Rob said, "No...going to Atlanta." The guy said to Rob, "oh ya...right. have a nice flight." He then proceded to turn around and wheeled off. After the guy left, Rob and I looked at each other and said, "that is wierd!" We figured the guy had to go do something really quick and then would be back. Well it was about time for us to board our own plane and the guy was not back yet. I told Rob, "I am not about to watch these TSA says to not watch someone's bag or belongings." We then see the guy coming and we are already waiting in line for our flight. The gate agent says it will be just a few minutes before the rest of us can board because they have to put a wheelchair person on. So yes...we ended up having the wierd guy on our flight with his crutches. *sigh*

Next...we are now waiting on our first flight to get ready to depart. the guy who was sitting infront of rob just seemed a bit wierd, too. this guy sat down for a few minutes and then got up to move his bag from the over head storage to a different spot. He moved it to a different spot sat down and got up and moved it now to yet another spot. I was already paranoid from the whole crutch guy that now I have someone moving a bag around. Then a lady comes on and claims that someone is sitting in her seat. Now mind you...this first flight from Knoxville to Atlanta is only 25 minutes! The flight attendant asks the gentlemen if that was his seat and he said, "no...I am suppose to sit up there *pointing three rows in front of him*, but i felt like sitting here instead." So the flight attendent asks the other guy where he is suppose to be sitting and it was several rows behind him. The poor flight attendant **one who was a rookie and read everything out of the training book** asked the lady if she could just sit in this empty seat so that we can get pushed back for departure. By this time I am about crying, because I am laughing so hard. I mean really...who says, "hmm....i have seat 14D but i think i will sit in one will care!" really?! really?! really did happen! We finally get pushed back and are gearing up speed down the I hear something beeping and I think it is coming from that wierd lilac bag that the wierd guy sitting infront of Rob has. I am pretty sure it was one of those travel alarm clocks or a stop watch thing...but it was freaking me out! it would go beep, beep, beep, and then a long pause for a few a minute and then go again. We did make it to Atlanta in piece.

Our second flight headed from Atlanta to Hartford was a little bit less comical, except for "Bag lady". The gate agent had called all zones (delta boards by zones) to board the plane. Rob and I got in line, but this "Bag lady" was on a mission to cut anyone off who was in her way of boarding the plane. I really didn't see anyone coming and she used her elbow, bag and anything else to get in front of me. I just stood there in shock. Rob's first response to what had just happened was, "Yup...this plane is headed to the northeast!" I took a breath and let it out slowly, looked at Rob and said "Are you sure we can not stay in the deep south where everyone is so friendly?" The lady gave us dirty looks...but I didn't really care. She should not have been so rude and have to cut me off. I just kept saying, "Unbelievable! I can not believe people are just so rude!" Well she got her there was a screaming child on the plane...and this child happened to be sitting just across the walkway from her. Ha!! So to all of you who like to cut people off in line...something will always come back to bite you!

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