Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bathroom update

Since Rob has some more time on his hands, he has been taking up some projects around the house. This past weekend was a project for the Main/Guest Bathroom. He wanted to just change out some electrical outlets, light switches, add a new electrical outlet and lastly add some toe-lighting underneath our sink cabinet. Sounds easy right?! Ok...maybe not easy to a regular home owner but easy to someone who knows what they are doing.

First task...remove the three switches that operate the two lights and the moisture fan to replace with updated switches. He three switches and condensed them all to one wall switch that has three different buttons. (pretty cool I think) Then he added a push button timer for the moisture fan, and then added a new outlet for me to use. Rob forgot to take the BEFORE pictures, and so I apologize. Here is what it looks like now. 

The next project was to add new wall lighting. I really wanted one fixture above the mirror, but I was unable to do that due to the fact of having two side lights on the walls already. Rob and I found some new and updated lighting. Here is a picture of those.

Then Rob added a brand new electrical outlet to the left of the LEFT wall sconce. This outlet is an outlet/LED nightlight combination. We put one in our kitchen and had to have one in the bathroom. This gives me yet another outlet to use for various things. Here is what that looks like --->
Then Rob put in some toe lighting. This is a project that should have only taken about 10 minutes. Well the previous homeowner of the house did lots of updating to the house in the ten years he and his family lived here. Let's just say that this homeowner didn't really do things correctly. This ten minute project turned into about nine hours. Rob had quite a difficult time due to finding concrete backer board, plaster, chicken wire, and drywall all in the wall. Rob had some pretty colorful words while doing this last project. After a long hard day he finally finished and it looks pretty cool. 
If you like this toe kick lighting...Rob used a three foot strand of rope light. You can get the rope lighting at Lowe's, Home Depot, or find it on ebay. Rob said that when we update and enlarge our upstairs existing bathroom, he wants to do the same effect, but with blue lighting rather than green. I said that i like the effect, but would like to see the upstairs toe kick be in white.

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