Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day - Merry Christmas!

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" Such famous words we hear every year. This phrase means something different to every person. When most people hear this phrase they think of the poem "Twas the night before Christmas" and relate this to Christmas Eve. If one were to hear this phrase on Christmas evening this could mean that one does not have to hear Christmas music for 11 more months (which really is a good thing!), for others it meant they spend the day with their family and loved ones, and for some it means that they finished another lonely Christmas without their families due to for unknown reasons that we know.

As for me, Christmas reminds me of the old traditions that I grew up with. Christmas morning at my parent's house consisted of waking up around 8 or 9am, baking Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, turning on an Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album, and opening presents. Then in the afternoon we would have lunch with my extended family and then go to a movie at the theatre. My dad's birthday is Christmas day, so the afternoon was more of my dad's birthday. :) Happy Birthday dad!

Since I have been married, Christmas has been different than what I knew as a kid. Two years ago, I didn't have to work and so Rob and I spent the whole day together. Last year we spent the morning together before I went to work at the movie theatre, and this year we opened presents early and I went to work from 915a-4pm. After a busy busy day at work I came home to an almost fixed dinner. After dinner, our evening has consisted of watching The Hangover (one of my new favorite comedies), talking to my mom and on the phone, and now watching TAKEN while talking to my sister via instant messager. Pretty laid back evening that is for sure.

Since Rob's dad is here...last night the three went up to the movie theatre to see a few movies. I have finally seen The Blind Side which was so good. If you have not seen this movie, you need to go see it! Totally worth the money spent at the box office! With taking social work classes, I could view this movie in the eyes of a social worker and then also in the eyes of a birth-mother (due to how his birth-mother was not fit to be a mom and her kids were placed into the state system). As a social worker we are trained to help the ones in need, and find services for the hurting. The second movie we saw was Up in the Air which is George Clooney's new movie. Did I like it? Yup...I sure did. If you go see the movie, my advice is to not read what the critics have to say, don't read up on what the movie is about, go into the movie with a very open mind and formulate your own reaction to the movie. This is not your typical George Clooney movie. I would watch it again. I related the main plot of this movie back to McDonaldization. Part of McDonaldization is efficiency, and part of this movie to trying to make something more efficient. In reality though, there is the irrational part of one's rationality in all that is done. You see that within this movie.

Well that is me for this posting. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day even if it was spent at your quiet home enjoying the peaceful day with watching movies and catching up on laundry.

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