Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My favorite movies of the decade

So it is time again where we all reflect on what we have done over the past year and what we want to accomplish next year. This year is special though because we end yet another decade and start a new one. I will save my remembrances for tomorrow since tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Tonight I thought I would look back in the world of movies as most people can relate to movies. When someone hears a movie title that they have seen, it is as if they are taken back in time.
These will be my favorite movies for each year: granted when looking at a list of the top grossing movies from each will find more than one movie. I looked at each list and asked myself which movie I have watched over and over with out getting sick of.
  • 2000 - Gone in 60 Seconds - I remember watching this in the theatre, leaving the theatre on such a high and speeding all the way home. I was lucky that I didn't get a speeding ticket!
  • 2002 - Yet another year of big movies installments from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. There were quite a few movies in 2002 that I liked and still like to this day. Here are a few of my favorites from 2002: The Bourne Identity, We Were Soldiers (the movie was awesome...the blind date that I was on was awful), Count of Monte Cristo, and Sweet Home Alabama. I could list a few more if I really wanted, too. 
  • 2004 - The Passion of the Christ (I try to watch this every year around Easter...kind of like some people watch The Ten Commandments), The Bourne Supremecy (I remember being so excited for this second installment of an amazing trilogy), The Notebook (now who doesn't like a Nicholas Sparks book put to movie?), Ladder 49, Miracle, In Good Company (this movie holds a special place in my heart. I saw this movie on Kaylee's first birthday to help distract me from the emotions of not being able to be with her on her birthday) and Shall We Dance?.
I hope with this list of movies, you can recall the memories from when you saw these movies, too. If you have not seen some of these...then place them on your Netflix list, rent them from Blockbuster, or see if they are uploaded on to watch. Happy viewing!

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  1. It will be great to watch Rent, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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