Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For most, Memorial Day weekend entails camping, hanging with family, BBQs, anything but work. Well this weekend was not any of that for myself and Rob. Rob started a project on Friday and ended it today. He took out the back corner of grass in our backyard to create a flower bed. It looks really nice out there now. Next year will be a different flower bed to be the project. Rob put in a Holly Bush, an Azela, a drought resistant rose, and some type of yellow bush that is called something like spilea. Today he put in 6 geraniums and layed down some black mulch. I like the look of the black mulch over the red mulch. Not too sure why...but I just prefer it. here is a before and after picture of the backyard. The first picture was from last year when we had removed and sold the pool. we had dropped down the ledge and help even out the backyard and added new grass seed to make it look less like a pool was in the yard.

I on the other hand...worked at the movie theatre on Friday and Sunday. My main focus this weekend was a history paper which was due at noon today. I finished it today, and emailed it to my professor. Yesterday, before I got working on my paper Rob and I went out and ran errands. We had purchased a used Xbox360 game and had to return it for a different disk as the one that we had would not run on our game system.

After running to the mall, we drove over to Applebee's for lunch. Not one of Rob's favorite places to eat...but since I was driving, I got to choose where we ate. It was still really early and so we had really good service. While we were eating another table was sat next to us. I just had to smile when I looked over to see that it was three elderly women enjoying a nice Sunday meal together. It made me fast forward my own life 40 years to see that is how myself and other girlfiends would look like. The server wanted to seat the ladies at one table and one of the ladies said, "Oh!! Can we sit at this table? It is my FAVORITE spot in this place." I just had to chuckle, as it was so cute. I continued my conversation with Rob, but kept an ear out on the ladies. Rob had gotten up to use the restroom and I heard the three ladies trying to decide what they wanted to have for lunch. One lady comented that she was going to have one dish, and her friend (who was a little bit more senile) said, "oh was that good? that sounds good! maybe I will have that!" The other friend said, "The last time I was hear, I had these cute little cheeseburgers." The more senile friend said, "Oh I want those! Were they good? I think I want to have those!" The server came back to take their order and sure enough all three ladies ordered the cheeseburger sliders. I just smiled when it was time to leave. Rob asked what was so funny, and I told him that he just had to be a female who had close friends to understand the situation completely.

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