Friday, May 15, 2009


Today I went to the salon for a long and over-due color appointment. My friend Andrew said that I was going in to cover-up my "oldness". I just laughed and wanted to smack him. Each time I go in and try something new when it comes to color. Granted most people in the summer go towards lots of blonde highlights. I for one did not do that this time around. I wanted something different as I was getting bored with doing the same thing all of the time. Summers I normally go with lots of blonde highlights and in the fall I go with little blonde streaks with a dark brown with red undertones. Well this summer I went with something less traditional. I am no longer brown or blonde! **shocker I know** I am now a dark red with "peek-a-boo" blonde spots through out my hair. I love love it!!! I love my hair stylist and totally trust her. I went in today and said, "Lets have some blonde but I want to go dark." She suggested doing the "peek-a-boo" spots as it helps give some contrast to the rest of the color...and then go with more of a red rather than brown. I will have to get some pictures taken of my new hair. But when we rinsed out my hair and got it blow-dried...I do not know who was more excited. Myself or Patricia my hair girl. She said to me, "you are my only client who doesn't freak out when I want to try something new on your hair. You are willing to take some change and see how it looks." I trust her enough that she will not make me look bad. The only condition is that I have to have somewhat normal looking hair so that I can still have a job at the theatre. Otherwise I would probably try and do some pinks and purples in my hair from time to time. lol

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  1. I want to see some pictures! I love my hair stylist too and totally trust her- it's so great to have someone you love. : ) I really like your blog backround too. : )


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