Thursday, May 14, 2009

Artificial Insemination Update

Rob and I had another doctor's appointment today with the fertility specialist. It was an appointment where he just told us all of the test results from the past two months. He said everything looks good, and would like to try Artificial Insemination. He wanted to try this month due to where I am in my cycle but I advised him that we wanted to wait until July due to Rob and my trip to China in late June. He completely understood. I asked him if they did one or two days of insemination and he said that they normally only do one, but could and would do two days if requested. He said that the office would check with out insurance to see if a second day would be covered. if not, we will still go ahead with the second day as advised from a good friend of ours. Dr. Levi said that he would put me on Clomid (not looking forward to that only because of the side effects it gives me.) for 5 days in July, then check to see how the ovulation is doing. If things look good, then he will give me a HGH shot (yes the same type of shot that Manny Rameriez and the other baseball players have gotten in trouble for using). he said that in women the HGH shot will increase the estrogen and help the body prepare for pregnancy or think that it is pregnant. **i am sure i am botching some of this up, somehow** 40 hours after i take the shot I will go in for day one of insemination. then the next day will be the second day. We are hoping that AI will work. If AI does not work then we will try In-vitro but where our insurance coveres as many attempts as we want with AI that will be our starting point.

What makes this all exciting is that tonight i found out that my close friend is starting the AI process as well!! so she and i may be pregnant at the same time!! so we will both be keeping our fingers crossed!!!


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