Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 years...Happy Anniversary to Me!!

Two years ago today, I became a wife to one amazing man. Hard to believe that it has been already two years. So much has happened in the past two years, and it is not stopping yet. May 19, 2007 was such an awesome day. I woke up with some of my bridesmaids and hair dresser to find a cloudy morning but no rain!! We all were very excited about this. We did my hair and then headed downstairs at the hotel for our breakfast. We had to organize when we could go to breakfast to ensure that we would not run into Rob and his groomsmen. Once our photographer got to the hotel, the day of pictures started. I had so much fun. I can still picture Rob's face when he saw me for the first time in my wedding dress. It was definitely a priceless moment. From there was a couple of hours for pictures and then the ceremony and party started. After the wedding, Rob and I went back to the hotel to put on something a little bit more comfortable clothes before heading down to my parent's house for pizza and cake. We also opened up our wedding gifts and spent a few hours with friends and family who had came from out of town before we headed to the airport for our week in Ireland.

Last year we spent a long weekend up in Northern Vermont for our first anniversary. We were up near Burlington, VT. We toured Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory, Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, and even went across to the Canadian Border. All in all we had a good weekend and would highly recommend the bed 'n breakfast place we stayed at for the weekend.

This year was a bit more laid back due to our trip to China next month. Rob and I went down to get breakfast and by the time we got down to McDonald's they were already serving lunch. We just sat and laughed and said, "Well looks like we will have lunch then!" We had went down to a different McDonald's so that I could get Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. After eating lunch I was too full for doughnuts. So we just came back home. I had Rob open up his gift that I had got him. I got him an XM radio home docking system that he can put in his office to listen to the baseball games, as the baseball games do not come over on the computer for XM radio. He was surprised. He got me Guitar Hero for our XBOX 360 and then the Areosmith game to go with it. It is so much fun!!! Ok...so I am a nerd...but oh well. lol I had made a massage appointment and I ended up being an hour late to it. Oops! So I rescheduled it for Thursday. I did go down and get my eyebrows and lip waxed though while I was out. I came home so that Rob and I could go to dinner at Olive Garden. After dinner we then went down to Burlington Coat Factory. Rob found a new jacket, tie, and shirt. All in all we had a good day. We kept making jokes about how tomorrow we were going to drive each other down to JFK terminal 4 to sit on the concrete benches for 12 hours, as that is what we did on May 20th waiting to leave for Ireland. Then we joked about how I was going to take him up to the Canadian border so that he could try and get thrown in jail again for his smart ass remarks to the border patrol.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great day!! : ) I love the Olive Garden. : ) Isn't it crazy it's already been 2 years?!!


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