Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been a few days..

I know...I have fallen out of my habit of posting every day. But it is ok...at least I am telling myself that. I figured I would update you all on how things are going. Work was pretty slow this weekend, which was ok for me. Friday I worked the ticket drop and was sent home an hour early due to it being so slow. I was not going to protest as it was a Friday, I had no plans, and it was nice outside. Of course I was going to just go home, but the thought of being sent home an hour early is always a nice thought!! I am rarely sent home early since most of the time I am the closer in box office or in a different spot where I am the only one for the job at the time. Friday evening we went out to see if I could find some long sleeved gray tshirts. One of the two that I have ripped on the bathroom stall at work. I was not happy as it was a very comfy shirt!! Let me just say that I came home empty handed as most of the shops and stores have switched to the spring and summer clothing which normally does not include light wieght long sleeved shirts. If I did find some...they were shirts that I was not really looking for.

Saturday was spent getting ready for the Open House on Sunday. Rob steamed cleaned the carpets in a couple of the bedrooms while I worked on the kitchen, dusting, and dishes. I had to work Saturday evening and Rob ended up going to work with me to watch some movies. I was in box office which was not very busy again. Just a couple more weeks and I will be wishing it was slow like it is now. I don't mind the slowness as I tend to take a book with me to read on the downtimes.

Sunday morning we woke up and made the finishing touches to the house. We mopped the kitchen, washed up the extra dishes that had not been washed the day before, and made sure that all of our jarred candles that we have around the house were all lit. We tend to have four different candles through out the house that normally light on a daily basis. We will normally let them burn all day and then put them out just before we head to bed. It keeps the house smelling good, even with three dogs! When our agent came by, we left for a couple hours and ate lunch at On The Border. When we got back, our agent said that in the two hours he had three different interests come by the house. One of them was just someone being nosy, another one was a couple with their own agent, and then one was a couple who was renting and looking into buying. So we can only wait and see. We will probably do another open house in a couple of weeks. I need to put another ad on craigslist.org to let people know of our house. Sunday evening I had a little 3.5 hour shift in box office. It was kind of pointless to go in, but I was the closing box office person and so I had to go in. I like box office and so I didn't mind the short little shift.

Yesterday, Rob and I didn't do much. Sparky had a vet appointment as it is the season where he tends to develop hot spots. Sure enough he had a new spot in a new area and he was given a cortisone shot in addition to pills that he has to take twice a day for the next week. Poor dog! Rob and I also drove up to Cabela's to look at sleeping bags. We have thought about going tent camping and realized that we do not have sleeping bags! We don't need to spent too much on sleeping bags, and so we didn't find any at Cabela's. Figure it was good to at least look to see what they had. We stopped a mall on our way home and found the Harry & David store. I picked up some chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate mints, and a Parmesan flatbread. Then we stopped at Yankee Candle and picked up a couple new large candles since we had a coupon.

So as you can see...I have not had much to really report on. Today we are taking it easy here at home. I had a pretty good migrane last night and still don't feel fully back to myself, but better than yesterday indeed! Rob received notice yesterday that Minot State had chosen someone else for the professor position that he interviewed for. He is waiting on one more school to see what the have to say. We are hoping to hear back from them this week. At least that is what they told him last week, so we will see what happens.

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