Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Future Food - on Planet Green

I came across a very cool channel while I was at my mom's house last month. The channel is called Planet Green. Now I am one who has not fully embraced the whole "greeness" like some of you, but I like the thought of what people are trying to do. While I was at my mom's though...I found a couple shows on this channel that I wanted to watch. One was a show that I had already been familiar with which is called "30 Days" which is hosted by the same guy who did the documentary film, "Supersize Me", and the other show that I wanted to see was called "Future Food".

When I got home to Connecticut, I asked Rob if we had this channel. He had hidden this channel from the guide as he thought it was some nonsense channel. Which it might have been if I would not have found a couple shows! So he added it back to our Windows Media Center Guide, and I got busy adding the shows to record.

I have came to love this show called Future Food. It is by the two Chicago chefs who run the restaurant MOTO. Basically Moto creates dishes that are innovative using Molecular Gastronomy. Molecular Gastronomy is basically cooking with science. Like it says on wikipedia, molecular chefs investigate and explain the chemical reasons behind the transformation of ingredients, as well as the social, artistic and technical components of culinary and gastronomic phenomena in general. This show is very cool. I just watched one today (it was an old one) where the chefs made food for kids. The kids were asked what their favorite foods were and then asked to use their imagination on what they would like to see their favorite food made into. What a great way to get kids to eat food, by changing it into something fun. Some of the food that they made was turned into bars of soap, a decapitated deer with brains, some kids wanted eye balls, dirty socks. Now some of the dishes did turn sour and not do too well with the kids, but it was still fun to watch. The episode that I am talking about is Kids Gone Wild

If you have some time to kill...sit down and watch this show...I think you will find it just as interesting as me!

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