Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photos from Oregon

Here are some photos from my recent trips to Oregon. 
I hope that you enjoy!!

Renee and I after a day of eating, shopping, and coffee!

Christy and I...don't we just look Hot?! this was taken after only getting about 4 hours of sleep. Oh how I missed our conversations!!! Went to sleep around 4am and woke up around 8am to head back to my mom's house to get ready for the rest of a busy day!

Kaylee and I. When I go to Oregon, I always make it a priority to go visit my lil miss Kaylee. Hard to believe that she is 6 years old!! We had a great visit! Thank you again, Naedean and Kaylee for having my mom and I down for a couple hours!!

My small portion of Clam Chowder at Mo's in Taft, Oregon. My family loves this stuff...but I could go either way. I am glad that I tried it again...but I think I will stick to my grilled cheese! 

Even though it was cold and a bit misty rain...I had to get out and get my picture taken at the beach. The waves were huge the day we were there. Didn't go down onto the beach because of the weather. We did see some people in the freezing cold pacific ocean though. 

My dad and I. 

And last but not least, the family cat - Freddy. He is close to 17 years old. He is getting pretty cranky and really only likes being around my brother. 

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