Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today is cleaning day at my house. Wanna come over and help?? I guess I should have asked for help earlier today since we are almost done now.

Oh how cleaning is such a bittersweet task! I know...if I would just keep up on it like on then I would not be "Flying" through the house trying to get everything done. Rob and I had planned today to clean at least half the house, as we have an Open House showing on Sunday. Our real-estate agent called early this afternoon and asked me if we could have a house showing tomorrow. I said, "Sure! What time were you thinking?" Cliff replied with, "Great! The appointment will be at 9:30am. Will that be ok?" I said, "Yup, we will make that work!" (now in my head I am freaking out as I just accepted now a challenge!! Oh crap! Rob is going to kill me!) But we can't turn down the house showings since we have not had too many. So we will work with it! Cliff replied with, "I wish all my clients were as accommodating as you guys!" I kind of laughed and told him that I would see him Sunday for the Open House. I hung up the phone and ran downstairs to tell Rob who was on the phone. When I told Rob that we have a house showing tomorrow at 930am, I could see the stress level in his head rise from like a 5 to a 7 or 8. Rob responded with, "Ok...well I guess we are going to be cleaning the whole house today rather than just the top level!" I said, "yup!"

We are almost done, though. *phew!* One would think that since we have not been here much...that our house would be in a clean condition for the most part. Well one would not realize how much dog hair is dropped from three border collies, either! Also, we needed to vacuum the upstairs with the pet oder powder stuff to help the house smell better. I love having carpet, but I hate it at the same time due to having so many dogs. Rob ran steam cleaner on two of the rooms as well. Just the high traffic areas.

All we have left to do is the basement. The basement should not be that bad. We just need to dust and declutter, oh ya...and vacuum. Tomorrow morning we will get up and Fabreez all of the furniture as well, light all the Yankee Jarred Candles that we have around house, and I think we will be good!

I will have to let you know how it all goes!

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  1. Hey, good luck with your showing! I love Fly Lady too. I don't always follow her advice, but I do like reading about it.


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