Monday, April 5, 2010

Headed out again!

One would think that all I have been doing is living on an airplane or anywhere but my own house lately. Well one would be correct. Rob and I just bought tickets for Northern North Dakota today. Rob has a job interview up there and I had really thought about staying home for this one, because I have been gone so much. Then when Rob told me that the school is wanting to do a two day interview in addition to meeting with a real estate agent to show us some rental properties and the area, I changed my mind. Plus...I have never been to North Dakota! One more state to color in on my map!!

So we are headed out next Tuesday (4/13) from JFK Airport. We could have flown from Hartford, but we would have been routed from Hartford, Atlanta, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and then Minot! As much as I have been flying lately...I am still not a fan of it! So we opted out of that flight! Flying up to Minot, we will just have to change planes one time in Minneapolis. Coming home on the 16th is a different story! We could not find any fun and easy flights. Good thing I now have Xanax for my flying anxiety!! I will need it for coming home for sure!! We will leave Minot and fly to Minneapolis, then change planes and fly to Atlanta, and then back up to JFK. Oh joy! Oh did I mention that the only seats available from Minneapolis to Atlanta are middle seats?! yup...I am not kidding. Maybe we will be able to change seats when we get checked in, but I am not holding my breath. I am not too fond of sitting in the middle...but I am use to it. I will just make sure I take some good books to keep me occupied! :)

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