Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cabela's = A Man's Disney World

A Cabela's store has been defined to me by a close friend as a "Man's Disney World". Now sit and ponder this...for those of you who have been to a Cabela's you agree with this friend's description?? I mean Cabela's has anything and everything that a man would need for camping, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity. Cabela's even has clothing for both men and women as well.

I have now been to a Cabela's store four times. Yes it is a very large and cool store. If though you do not need anything then one would think that this is just a big store full of outdoor sporting good items in addition to clothing for the whole family. Today though, the trip to Cabela's was different. We went up to the store with a list and an agenda.

Rob and I have talked about going tent camping and starting making a list of supplies that we would need. A close friend told me about a huge camping sale that Cabela's was having which started today. I quickly went to the website to see if I could view the sale ad online and sure enough, I was able to look at everything and even print out the ad for even further detail looking. When Rob and I started making our supply list of what we would need for us to go camping we realized that we didn't own sleeping bags. At first we laughed at the thought and said, "Surely we have sleeping bags at the Connecticut house!" Rob went and looked and found that we did not have bags. I figured mine would have been left at my mom's house back in Oregon as the last time I went camping was close to five years ago with my old church group in Oregon. Sleeping bags were on sale at Cabela's in addition to lots of other items. We figured we should have some type of small burner or grill so that we could heat water in the morning for coffee or hot tea. So that went on the list as well.

After spending about an hour at the store, we walked away with two sleeping bags and a new little Coleman grill which has a one burner to heat a kettle in the morning or evening for coffee. I was very pleased with what we got. The one stove that we were actually looking for was actually sold out and so we had to upgrade. We had looked at another 2 burner stove but figured that we would get the one that had a small grill so that if we would go to a camp site that does not have a grill then we have a small one with us.

Now that we are home, and the tents set up in the backyard for airing out, I am ready to go camping. Yes I have not been camping in years...but I think it will be fun to just get away. Even though most camp sites these days offer free wireless, I will be leaving my computer at home. Camping is about getting away and going back to the simple life. I guess I will have to blog about camping in the future.


  1. I LOVE camping!! I really want to go with my church, but it may be a year or so since I'm preggo. : )

  2. My step-dad John and my hubby Mark both love that place. John even has a hat from there he loves it so much. lol


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