Monday, April 12, 2010

Salt Water Taffy

Growing up in Oregon, I had the privilege of going to the beach a couple times a year. At best my family would go about once a year. I knew though that a trip to the beach would consist at stopping for some salt water taffy in Lincoln City, Oregon.

What is salt water taffy? Does it really contain salt water? Well I had to go look it up on wikipedia because I didn't know myself. haha. I just knew that it tasted good and that was good enough for me. According to Wiki...salt water taffy first originated in Atlantic City, NJ. A taffy store was flooded with salt water after a big storm in the late 1880s. A customer came in and asked if they had any taffy, and the store owner said, "no...but I have some salt water taffy." the customer bought some and the name has stuck ever since.

In Lincoln City, Oregon there is a candy shop on HWY 101 that has the best salt water taffy. It is on the right hand side if you are headed south on 101 and you can not miss this place. It is a white building with red stripes. This is the place that my family has stopped for years to pick up a bag of taffy for our ride home. The place is called Read's Homemade Candies. They make the candy right there on location, but are known for their taffy. I have been in there at times to watch the taffy machine working with pulling the taffy back and forth and wrapping the mixture over and over each other.

So what are my favorite flavors?? This place has lots of different flavors ranging from vanilla to root beer to watermelon. I grew up liking BUTTER CREAM, VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, MINT CHOCOLATE, and PEPPERMINT. When I was in Oregon last month, I stopped at this taffy shop and picked up a bag of taffy. It was just as good as what I had remembered it!

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  1. I love anything chewy and salt water taffy is right up there! Mmmmm!


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