Thursday, April 22, 2010

Television to the Movies?

While I was taking a shower this morning I started to think about the movies that are coming out this summer. One that I am looking forward to the A-Team movie. When I got to thinking about that, I wondered what other old television shows would be even comical if they made into a movie.

The Jeffersons or Mama's Family? about Punky Brewster? All in the Family? The Waltons? Silver Spoons? Oooh...better about Sanford & Son?! You all now know that I have probably lost my rocker  for just posting all of these shows. But do you think these shows do as a movie that was placed into the theatres? Think anyone would go to them? I guess it would just be who was the actor or actress in the movie and who was directing it. I loved watching Mama's Family as a teen (it was in reruns by then). I love Carol Burnett...and I am sure she would come back to play Eunice!

As for modern day television shows being put to movie, I am sure there will eventually be an ER movie or even a Grey's Anatomy movie since Sex & The City is now onto the second movie installment which comes out this summer.

Back to the A-Team, I just went over and watched one of the trailers. Yes I know, I work at a movie theatre but have not seen a trailer for this movie until now?! Sorry!!! I do get to stare at a huge A-Team movie banner when I work in the box office. So I guess I have that going for me. For those of you who are like me and have not seen one of the many trailers, here is one for you to enjoy!! Click HERE to view trailer as when I tried embedding it, the picture was too big for my template. *sigh*

Well ok, maybe I didn't have much to post on for this...but it just proves to you how random my thoughts are while taking a shower.

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