Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictures from North Dakota

Ok...I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the North Dakota trip. Since most of you probably have seen my pictures from my Facebook page, I will only post a few here, so it is not so much of a repeat. I hope you all enjoy!

This is a picture of the new Grand Stands at the North Dakota State Fair. The white wall is where the dirt track is for the sprint car racing. 

Rob at the hotel working on some stuff for the following the next day. 

Me relaxing on the bed. My wrist was killing me and so that is why I had to wear the brace. Sucks getting old. ;) 

Headed west! On the last full day that we were in North Dakota we drove over to the eastern state line of Montana. Rob had never been to Montana and so why not drive the 3 hours. :) 

One of many oil drilling sites in North Dakota. The oil is really booming right now and oil companies are buying up hotels just to be able to house all of their workers! 

Bainville, Montana: population under 200 people. We had stopped at a park and walked around. We came around a corner, looked to our left...and the above picture is what we saw. How pretty, I tell ya. Most people would ask why we took a picture of this or how I can say "How pretty"? I guess I recognize the hard work that communities go through if they are in a farming community. 

Most of the town in Bainville had dirt roads. 

Back in Minot, ND. This is the view of the city from our hotel. 

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  1. Hi Amy!

    Just wanted to say that even though I have not been commenting on your blog, I am reading it almost daily and really enjoying it. I would never think to visit places like North Dakota and Montana, but you manage to make everything seem like a fun adventure. Your blog is so uplifting! Thank you for writing it.



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