Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feeling unproductive today

I am not feeling 100% today which is a bad thing. I have to complete that psychology disorders paper today since it is due tomorrow. *sigh* I had to go to the urgent care this morning to get meds for yet another bladder infection. I hate feeling crappy on days like today when I have so much other stuff to be doing.

On the note of the paper...i would normally be done with it by now. For some reason though this paper has been extremely difficult to write. the stuff i have written down just seems jumbled. thank goodness it is only a five paged double spaced paper...but this is like pulling teeth for me right now. anyone want to write it for me?? no...i am just kidding. I will write it, turn it in and hope for a reasonable grade...even if that would be a "B".

not much else to report today. i had a social work junior field placement orientation yesterday. i think i would have rather put needles in my eyes only because i have been with my internship for about a month now. oh is part of the class and so that is what is required for me to do.

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  1. Have you tried eating cranberries or drinking cranberry juice? You may try to start eating some every day and see if it helps.


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