Monday, February 22, 2010

You have to listen to this!!! late last night or maybe it was this morning, I was scanning a friend's facebook page to see what he had been up to. Yes I will admit, I tend to be a facebook stalker when it is late and when I get bored. Anyways...he is a huge fan of the new country artist Jason Aldean. Anyone else heard this guy?? Well he is amazing! His big hit that is out right now is called The Truth. Youtube the song after you read this...cause this blog is not about that song in particular.

Anyways...CMT does a special every so often called CMT CROSSROADS. This is when they pair a country artist with a pop or rock artist. The two groups or artists will sit down and sing with each other on the songs that made them "popular". Well Jason did a CMT Crossroad with one of my favorite artists, Bryan Adams. In middle school and high school I loved listening to Bryan Adams. Jason and Bryan do a rendition of Bryan's song called "Heaven". I clicked on my friend's link to watch the video to see how the song would be. Wow oh wow!! If this rendition was out when I was getting married, this song would have been played in my wedding. I almost like it better than the original. Yes I did say that even though I love Bryan's original version. Anyways...since I speak so highly of this song I will post the video below in this blog so that you do not have to google this song on your own. When you are done and are interested in more of Jason Aldean's episode on CMT Crossroads go to this link here. You will be able to sit and watch all six videos which is basically the whole episode...but you will not be disappointed!! With out further is the video, please enjoy!

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