Sunday, February 21, 2010

House and Job Update!

Happy Sunday evening to you!!! I hope that your weekend was productive and you are looking forward to crawling out of your warm bed tomorrow to go to work. Ok, who am I kidding?! I do not think many people look forward to going to work on Monday evening. haha.

Anyways...Rob and my real estate agent did an open house today for our house between 1pm and 3pm. I was at work and so Rob took the three dogs out for a burger and then over to the dog park for awhile. They have not been to the dog park in awhile since it has been so blasted cold up here. When Rob returned, Cliff said that the open house was pretty good. We had three people stop by with in the two hours. Cliff always comes prepared with a paper because sometimes the open houses will turn into two hours of reading the paper. Well Cliff didn't have time to even open the paper!!! Two of the stoppers were ones that could be potential interested parties and the other was a nosy neighbor from the opposite end of our street who knew the previous homeowners and wanted to see what Rob and I had done to the house. Guess there will be one of those with every open house, I am sure. Cliff mentioned to Rob that if we do not get any bites out of this...then he would like to do another Open House next month since we had pretty good traffic this week. It may have helped that I posted the Open House ad on Craigslist in the Real Estate For Sale by Broker area. Oh how I do love the internet!!!

Next up...Rob's job search update. He had a phone interview this past week or maybe it was last week with Black Hills State University (Spearfish, SD). The interview went well he we will see. One of the questions that he personally asks in every phone interview is, "If you had to do it all over again, would you still chose (enter name of College or University)?" Rob said that people will sit and not respond right away sometimes. It is a good question to ask for any type of future employer!! He then received a surprise phone interview from Cleveland State University (Cleveland, OH). He said that the interview went very well, also. Minot State University emailed Rob to see if March 1st would be ok for a phone interview. THEN...March 12th, Rob and I will be flying to Minneapolis, MN for a campus interview at Augsburg College. We will spend one day at the Mall of America, so that is cool.

So this is where we stand as of right now. I am hoping that we will have a few more campus interview invites lined up before we fly up to Minneapolis.

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