Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Christy!

My very best friend turns the bit 3-0 today. When I think of this...I realize that I now have less than four months until my own 3-0 birthday. Eeek!! I think back of all of the birthdays that she and I have celebrated over the years and other nonsense stuff we have done together. I love the friendship that she and I have. 

Back in high school, we were friends, probably good friends, but not best friends. We hung out with the same group and did all the same stuff together. After high school we would hang out probably every weekend together. At one point we had seen just about every movie that was playing in the theatres. 

You know how there are certain stories that you will never forget that happen between you and your best friend...well there are a few that come to mind for Christy and I. One of them was a couple years after high school and we were walking back to her car from watching a late movie. A creepy van was parked next to her car and I was getting really creeped out. So I get in her car, glance back in the backseat and freaked!! I litterally thought someone was laying in the backseat of her car. Her barn coat was positioned just right where it looked like someone was there. She and I laughed and laughed about that and called it the "man in the backseat" story. 

Another story was when I was sick in the hospital ten years ago. I had a rare allergic reaction to an antibiotic that put me in the hospital for almost a week. Anyways Christy would come visit me and one time in particular I had been given potassium to increase my levels in addition to some benadryl (sp?)  to help with the red rash I had all over my body from a reaction that I had from the cat scan juice. Anyways...the reaction to both injections at the same time made me pretty loopy. Christy was teasing me that she was going to start playing with the levers at the end of the hospital bed to see what they would do. I said, "no...because with my luck you will press one of buttons and it will make me go flying into the wall." we sat and laughed and thought about how funny but awful that would be all at the same time. 

So today...happy birthday to a life long friend!!! Christy, I hope that you have a wonderful day!!! If I were there we would spend the day together by watching movies, catching up on life, eating at some place that served yummy food, and shopping like we had all the money in the world. Cheers to many more years of friendship and funny stories that we will look back on in another 30 years. 

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