Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the games BEGIN!!

Cue Olympic theme.....NBC announcer comes over the music to welcome to 2010 Winter Games, and Olympic theme dies out into the back. Oh I love this time of year. Rob can not stand watching the Olympic Games but I grew up watching them and there are certain events in each season that I love to see. In addition though to the Olympic Games starting up, Survivor: Heros vs Villians premiered on Thursday and on Sunday The Amazing Race will start. What an exciting month for me!!

In my house, Rob and I tend to pick our favorite person or team to cheer for on each reality game show that we watch. This season with Survivor I thought I would include my sister and brother-in-law into the game. No one really wins anything if their person or team wins but it is still fun to watch.

Thursday's opener for Survivor was amazing!! If you have not watched the two hour premier do not read any further as you may be upset that I gave stuff away. I figured I would blog about the show on Saturdays to allow people a day or so to watch the show. Like I said, what an opener!!! First reward challenge just minutes after the welcome to the new season. By the end of the challenge Stephanie had popped out her shoulder and Rupert had a broken toe. these all-stars are not going to go easy on each other. It will definitely be an interesting challenge.

Bryan, Dana, and I have picked one person from each side and Rob is going to pick just one person for the whole game. Bryan has picked Russell from the Villain side and Colby from the Hero side. Dana chose Boston Rob  and Stephanie. I well still have a hard time choosing. There are so many good players on the Heros side. *sigh* I think I will pick Tom for Hero's and Boston Rob for the other side. I am kind of worried to see how this all plays out based on the preview of next week when you see Boston Rob passing out. eeek!

I was glad to see that Sugar was sent home though. I never liked her from the original season that she was on and she was the one who messed up the challenge for her team to win this week.

So who are your favorites?? Who will you root for to win??

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