Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tucson - Where to and not to eat....

Before I moved away from Tucson, I posted a blog (back when I was using Myspace) about the good and bad places to eat in Tucson. I had just read a blog from one of my favorite band's blog about how they like to eat at different places when they are on the road or on vacation. It got me thinking to the places that I ate at in Tucson. Rob and I had made a list of places to try and said yes or no after. He and I agreed on some and others we were torn. I thought it would be fun to recount some of those places. I encourage you to try the "good" places and stay far away from the "bad" ones if you travel through or to Tucson. Hey...spring training will be starting up next month and some you just may be in Tucson for a game if anyone still practices down there. ;) So here is my list.


EL MOLILTO (Mexican Food) Location: Ina/Thornydale
This place had awesome food no matter what time we went there. The food was reasonably priced with pretty fast service. *How I miss this place!!!*

R&R PIZZA EXPRESS (Pizza) Location: River/La Cholla
If you ever get sick of Pizza Hut try this place!

EL CORRAL STEAKHOUSE (BBQ) Location: River/Campbell
This place is good if you go early before the dinner rush. otherwise you may have bad service and not so great food. If the entire party at the table asks for the house salad dressing, your server will make the dressing right at your table.

MIMI'S CAFE (american) Location: Oracle/Wetmore
This was a place that I liked but our server was slow. We only ate here once, but it would be a place that I would try again. I know that Mimi's Cafe is a chain, so for you who do not live in Tucson, you may have one near you.

CLAIM JUMPER (american) Location: Broadway/Alvernon
Oh yet another place that I wish would be nationwide. I kept hoping that NYC would get one of these and it would be worth the train ride down to the city to eat at. *sigh* Maybe I will move to a state that has a Claim Jumper. Oregon has a couple and so I tend to eat here at least once while visiting friends and family.

FAMOUS DAVES (BBQ) Location: Oracle/Wetmore
This place knows how to make good BBQ. If you go in with more than one person get their FAMOUS FEAST!! the large one can feed between 4-5 people. It is worth the money as you get a little bit of everything. Unfortunately I would have to drive to Springfield, Mass or take the train down to NYC to eat here. I may just have to do that though as we are getting low on BBQ sauce. ;)

MAGPIE PIZZA (pizza) Location: various locations in Tucson
They offer gormet style pizzas that are excellent. Magpie's has been voted number one for their pizza for many years in a row.

HARVEST MOON (chinese) Location: Oracle/Rancho Vistoso (Oro Valley)
Amazing good food for a good price. A place that is worth the extra drive. I would post a link but Harvest Moon does not have an official website.

PINNACLE PEAK @ TRAIL DUST TOWN (BBQ) Location: Tanque Verde/ Grant
If you are a visitor you MUST go here!! Pinnacle Peak is a steakhouse inside a cool little western oasis in the dessert. The food and service is great. After eating dinner take a stroll through the rest of Trail Dust Town. Try your shootin' skills at the shooting arcade and buy an ice cream for your date at the ice cream parlor.


CARUSO'S (Italian) Location: 4th Ave/7th Street
This place is one of the oldest places in tucson, and it is family owned. Several people had told Rob and I to go there and so we did. We regreted every minute of it. The food was awful and service.

KETTLE RESTAURANT (american) Location: 22nd/ I-10
Yes, it is a hokey place to eat, but the food is not that great and they didn't like it that we tried to use a coupon that was in the newspaper.

OLD FATHER INN (bar food) Location: Ina/Thornydale
We have figured out if a place has off track betting then the food is awful. Once again this fact is true on this place. Awful food and service.

WHATABURGER (aka WHATABADBURGER) (american/fast food)
lets just say if the dogs make faces while eating a burger, it should never be eaten by a human! Enough said!

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