Monday, February 8, 2010

So where are we??

It has been about a month now and I thought I would update my readers on how everything is going with Rob's job hunt and everything. Click here to refresh your memory on the schools that Rob has applied to. Out of the listed schools, Rob has had phone interview with Belmont University and Augsburg College. He will have a phone interview with Black Hills State University which is located in an itty bitty town on the South Dakota/Wyoming border. It is a pretty good school, and I look forward to hearing what Rob tells me about what he finds out on Wednesday. In addition to the phone interview with Augsburg he has also had a written interview with them. Belmont and Augsburg both seemed very impressed with Rob's accomplishments with in the past couple of years while working at Iona. Out of the two schools that he has interviewed with so far Augsburg is the last one he really wants as of right now. He said that there is quite a bit of politics between the administration and the business school. He is not too sure if he wants to deal with that again as that is what he has to deal with at Iona as well. In addition to that, he said that the cost of living between MN and here in CT is not much less. He was playing around with the cost of living calculator a couple nights ago and figured out that he would have to be making about one percent more than what he is making now over in MN for us to live at the same level we are now. Augsburg is wanting to pay quite a bit lower as well. Now don't get me wrong...if Augsburg is the one who offers a job then yes...we will take it. It would just be nice to find a place where we are not moving every three to four years.

Last week our house was officially listed on the market. You can view our ad here at this link: Tomorrow will be an "Agents Open House". Our agent likes to have all of his co-workers come through the house to get familiar with what our house looks like and some of the special features. That way if they are in the office answering phones and our own agent is not they will be able to know some details about the property. I am hoping we can get moving on the house. In a couple of weeks, there will be a public open house, as well. Maybe just maybe someone will like what they see!!

So that is where we are on everything right now. Keep praying that everything runs smoothly, that Rob will get some good interviews, and at least one job offer to choose from, and that our house will sell in a timely manner!!

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