Monday, February 1, 2010

"Tuesday with Morrie" - Amazing book!!

Today I listened to the entire audio book version of "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. I am one who normally does not listen to audio books, but it was encouraged by my human behavior professor. At last minute she was told that our class was highly encouraged for the students to read it. Since it is so late in the term, Dr. Grosset told the three of us to go and find the audio version as it would a quick listen. Our job would be to pay attention to the "biopsychosocial" dimension for both Mitch and Morrie. In the social work class this is what we have been studying the whole term, so it is fitting to have to pick out these for the story.

The audio version is on 4 cds. I put it in my car this morning and started the first disc on my way down to my internship. With in the first ten minutes of the cd I had tears streaming down my face. I knew that it was about a student having meetings with his ailing professor, but I didn't know of what. I soon found out that the professor was suffering ALS which is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I guess I thought about how my grandfather has Parkinson's Disease and it is really starting to take over him. By the time I was halfway home from my internship I was on the second cd. I had class tonight and so on my way down I finished the second cd and started the third. I was drawn into the story and was surprised in how good it actually was. I remember it being a very popular book back when I was in high school but didn't want to read it as I am not one who buys books because of the popularity or hype that one my have. Maybe that is why I never got sucked into the Harry Potter or Twilight books. Anyways...when I got to school I knew I didn't have much left of the third cd. I wanted to just sit in my car and listen to the rest of the cd. If it would have been warmer I probably would have done just that. I could not wait until class was over so that I could jump back into my car and get sucked back into the world of Mitch and Morrie. I finished the story just before I got home. Such an amazing book. It is about life, love, death, and what one should do before passing on. It is about the friendship between the student and professor that was created from the first class back in the '70s when the student was a freshman in Morrie's sociology class and how the friendship developed over the years, then fell to the backwoods to pick back up when Morrie was dying from ALS.

With completing this book I also think back to which professors, instructors, or teachers had made a great impact on my life. Which ones took the time to sit and actually care if I was learning more than what was being taught in class. I enjoyed my own Sociology professor this Fall term, which I am sure I will think of himk now everytime the McDonaldization topic comes up in conversation or if I see it in movies. There are just some people who make lasting impressions that will never leave us.

For my readers who have not read this book, please do!! What an awesome book. If you read the book it will be a quick read as it is only about 200 pages. If you listen to the audio version it will consist of four compact disks.


  1. I will have to pick it up. I love reading books Amy. But there are great things to be had by having one read to you while you are on the road. I used to do that all the time when I was working. I would be able to hear a book and get my mind off of the stressful day while I did my job. That was a great thing for me.

    Love the way you write by the way. You keep me interested and let me know what is going on around you like a great author.

  2. I watched the movie a while back. That'd be a good movie to rent again. I wonder what people thought as you were driving with tears streaming down your face?!!! They probably thought you'd just broken up with your boyfriend or something- he he!! ; )

  3. Rachel...ya...probably. I am curious to see how the television movie is compared to the book. I am sure it is not as good...but I will have to look online to see if I can watch it there. ;)


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