Saturday, February 20, 2010

Survivor - week 2

Anyone watch Survivor on Thursday?? Or are were we watching the men's long program over on the NBC with the winter olympics?? I was one who taped all of my regular Thursday shows so that I could watch the figure skating. Yes I rooted for Evan to win gold and I was updating my facebook status as the night went on.

Last night's olympic events were not very exciting. Not a big fan of ice dancing or any of the other stuff that was being shown. 

Last night I was able to get caught up on the taped shows from Thursday evening, and Survivor was one of them.

**Stop reading this blog now if you have not watched 
Thursday's evening episode of Survivor.**

I thought Boston Rob was going to be out early in the show as he had collapsed due to not having enough to drink. I am getting annoyed with Rupert's attitude like the other team members on the Hero's team. and I was sad to see that they didn't win immunity challenge either. Like James was saying, they must have only one voice rather than all individual voices when it comes to competitions. I am glad that I chose James as one of my pony's. My sister on the other hand...well her pony for the Hero's side was Stephanie who was sent home. James had a good point though for his team to think about. When Stephanie was on her season, she was the last one to survive on her loosing team, so maybe the probablem was actually Stephanie! The preview for next week looks good. Kind of looks like James has a breakdown and takes his agression out in one of the challenges. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens!

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