Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Book?

As I start to think about packing up my stuff into moving boxes I keep looking over at my two book cases full of books. I think, "I really should donate some of these books...but they were too good to give up!" So I got to thinking...what were some of the best books I have read in the past??

I love the O'Malley Series written by Dee Henderson. The series is about seven abandaned or orphaned teens who group together to create their own family. As adults they all are still very close like a family but each one is in a different line of work. One is a firefighter, another one works as a CSI type of job, and so on. Each book has some mild romance along with a pretty good intense mystery plot. I have read almost all of them. I think I have one more to go. I did not read them in order, but it does help to read them in order only because relationships develop in each book that carry on into the following book.

Another series that I have enjoyed is called Annie's People written by Beverly Lewis. It is about an Amish girl who meets an English (non Amish) boy and falls in love. The series is the whole tie of what will she do? Stay with the Amish Community or leave to be banished for life. This series is one that has to be read in order otherwise one would be confused.

If you like the Amish type of romance series you need to check out a series written by Cindy Woodsmall. The series is called Sisters of the Quilt. I picked up the first book when I was living in Tucson. I am not a fast reader and I think I read the first book in close to 2-3 days. I was just shocked of how awesome it is. I then went out to see if I could get the second book only to find out that the second book would not be released until November of that year!!! I had to actually wait for the book to come out. The first book sets the story of an Amish girl who secretly gets engaged to a Menonite boy. On her way home one day from the place that she worked...she was pulled into a car and raped by a stranger. She became pregnant by this pregnancy. She was accused of lying and anything else. The book and the other two in the series are an adrenaline rush. This is another series that must be read in order. 

An excellent book that is not part of a series is called Redeeming Love written by Francine Rivers. A friend of mine gave me this book as a gift after the placement of Kaylee. She said that she had read this book several times and thought that I would enjoy the book just as much as she. It is about a man who takes in a prostitute back in the old western days. It is the struggle of learning to live together and her learning how to live on a farm. Kind of reminded me of the book Sarah, Plain & Tall.


  1. I love Dee Henderson!! I have all of her books and actually just read some of them through again. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Karen Kingsbury. She's amazing! I will have to try some of the Amish books you mentioned. I'm always looking for new books to read. Redeeming Love is amazing! I have that book and should read it again. : )

  2. I have almost all of Dee's books, too!!! Now I have not read all of hers...but I like to keep up on my that when I want to read one...I can just pick it up. My mom belongs to Paperback Swap...and so she is able to get me quite a few. I have not read anything from Karen Kingsbury.

    If you were to start with the Amish books start with the Sisters of the Quilt!!! I tell you...they are extremely hard to put down!!


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