Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best team on Biggest Loser this season??

I got sucked in this season of NBC's The Biggest Loser. Anyone else watching this season?? I have watched the show off and on ever since the first season. It is not a show that I have to watch every year as the host Allison really gets on my nerves. I personally liked it when it was host from the first season. I am drawing a blank on her name at this time.

Anyways...who is your favorite team? Who do you want to go home next?? When Rob and I watch competition reality shows we tend to pick out "pony" on who is going to win. We always pick the team or person on the first episode as that is the only way for it to be fair. Rob this time picked the RED TEAM. I like the red team, but I do not like the wife on the red team. She lost quite a bit of weight the first week and then she has had immunity for the past three weeks. It seems that as if she was throwing the game because the second and third week she either didn't loose anything or lost one pound. This is crazy as if you look at everyone else, they are dropping like crazy in weight including the females. Another team that I like is the PURPLE TEAM. Her teammate was sent home on the second week and she has been busting everything she has each week since her mom went home. I loved watching her this week in the first competition. Even though she was receiving red X's she never gave up. She did 10-12 laps which I think was the most out of all of the teams. I also like who I think I picked as my favorite team is the GRAY TEAM. These cousins are just amazing!!! They work hard, play hard, and loose massive pounds each week.

On to who I do not care for now. I can not stand the GREEN TEAM. They are negative and just rude. Since they were given the two pound disadvantage this week, I feel as if they didn't try. The daughter wanted to give up last week and walk off the show because Jillian got up in her face. Now since this week they were the bottom team, the daughter automatically said, "send me home. I have been wanting to go send me home." Personally if I was a voting team member on the show I would have voted to send the mother home. Why send the daughter home?? If you send her home then it acknowledges that she can give up on things when they get hard. They did end up sending the daughter home and she has not lost that much since she left the Ranch. Another team that I don't care for is the PINK TEAM. The daughter gives too many excuses on everything. I wanted to tell her, " you are loosing in this second competition...but you could at least try!"

Hopefully I have sparked your interest in the show. If not...that is ok, too. I understand that we all have our shows all set up on Tivo. :) I actually catch the show on Friday evenings as FLN replays the show from Tuesday. :)


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