Saturday, January 23, 2010


Saturdays are suppose to be lazy, right?? Well can someone tell me how that is suppose to work? I just wish once I could sit in the house in my pj pants on a Saturday and do absolutely nothing. haha. Oh wait I did that many years ago with my sister when we lived in an apartment together. I do miss those days.

Today will be spent running errands before I head off to work tonight. I am working from 6pm to close which means probably 1am-1:30am. Doors lock at 12:15am, and if there is a good closing team then we will be out asap. Since I am closing I will probably end up over at Denny's again with the small group of friends who are still here that have not left for school yet. :)

Rob's interview yesterday went very well. He said that the guy was impressed on all the classes Rob has taught with in the past three years at Iona College. One class he was intrigued about was the Internet Applications class where the students operated a Roomba through the internet with a budget of $200 for each group. Yes, this was a very cool project! Rob also thinks he impressed the interview guy by knowing some of the background history of what Belmont is for sports. Any of you who follow March Madness knows that College Basketball is a big thing for certain schools. Belmont is in Division I for basketball and the past recent years has came very close to upsetting Duke in March Madness. If you do not follow basketball one may not know this. Rob said the guy become pretty animated when Rob said something about this as if it was a good thing. :) So what now? Well, Rob was 1 of 10 candidates to have a phone interview. The next step will be Belmont to choose probably 3 people to come down for an on-site interview. After that they will choose the best person from those three. Hopefully we will be one of those three for an on site. So we will see what happens. 

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  1. I recently came to the conclusion that when you become an adult, there's no such thing as a day off. I'm lucky to get to stay home today, but I have a ton of homework and laundry to do.


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