Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best candy?

When one is asked what the best candy is, they may sit and think for a bit. I know that I would The best candy all depends on the type of mood you are in. Sometimes the best candy is something salty, or chocolaty, or sour, or sweet.

Right now I have an obsession of the Sour Patch Kids. I would tell you that I do not like super sour candies so you may ask why I like these then? My answer is, "I don't know...they are just good." Such a great response, I know. I am one though who eats these little sour things differently than probably most. Rob will take a handful and just pop them all in his mouth. Someone else may eat them one by one. I on the other hand may eat them one by one...but I have to roll the candy around in my fingers first. I like some of the sourness on the candy but not too much. I take the candy, squish it into a little ball and then just roll it around. Odd, I know. I am sure it is part of some autistic thing in my personality. A friend of mine saw me doing this the other day at work in the break room. She asked, "Amy what are you doing?" I laughed and said, "This is how I eat these yummy little candies." When she walked away I laughed at myself, and realized that everyone has their own way in eating candy. My friend, Karyn, has a specific way in how she eats Hot Tamales. I can not tell you the specific way but she has said it is the best way in eating them.

So now as you go and eat your favorite candy, maybe you will think about how you eat it. :)

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  1. Sour patch kids are sooo good!! I usually eat them 1 by 1 to savor them and make them last longer. : ) When I used to go to Camp Tapawingo I would get the Mambas. : )


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