Monday, January 4, 2010

Classes up and running...

Today classes start back up today for me, where most college students still have another two to three weeks of vacation. I have a class this evening and then again on Thursday evening. Today I will be finishing up some reading that I have put off to the last minute in addition to a write up on the chapter that I have to read. Tomorrow and Wednesday I will start to study for my Psychology test. The test should be pretty easy as it is just on the 12 disorders that we have went over so far in class.

Tonight's class is my social work: human behavior class. Myself and the two other students in the class are working on a group project through out the class. The project is to raise a child (fictitiously of course) from conception to death over the entire class. Each student has three installments. This week I will be presenting on Infancy. The child we are raising is a Japanese female who was born just after the second world war. I pretty much explain to the class the stages of infancy while adding a story about Tobi and her parents and other family members. Part of the assignment is that the child we raise has to be from a different ethnic background from any of the group members. Hence the reason why we chose a Japanese ethnicity. The project is interesting as it forces the students to learn about another culture while learning the boring items of how a human behaves and develops.

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  1. Interesting. I always find those classes on kids interesting. There are basics on how to raise a child and then it is up to the parents knowing what is best for the child. Such as raising a child now days woud be different then raisng a child from when we were kids. So many different factors. So amaizing tothink about:)


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